Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Only in the Post

Far left "journalist" I.F. Stone once commented to the effect that the Washington Post is a great paper, because you never know on which page you'll find the Page One story.

Don't know if this falls into that category, but a story today discusses the soon-to-be elected head of "Change to Win," the group of unions that has broken with the AFL-CIO. In it, Thomas B. Edsall notes that "The AFL-CIO, under the leadership of George Meany, was tilting rightward, refusing to endorse Democratic presidential nominee George S. McGovern."

I had to laugh. Only in the Post would someone say, with an apparently straight face, that a refusal of a traditional Democrat ally to endorse a far Left nominee was "tilting rightward."

There's a huge difference between "tilting rightward" and tilting so far Left that you fall over and break your left wrist, dislocate your left shoulder, and suffer scrapes and bruises to the entire left side of your body.

Not that Tom Edsall can tell the difference.

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