Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hurricane Katrina -- Democrat Fundraising Device

Well, it seems that the Poodle is using Hurricane Katrina as a fundraising device. You can read the actual comments here.

Remember the 2002 controversy about President Bush and images from 9/11? If you don't, here's the CNN story. And here's what the Socialists ... er, Democrats, had to say about it. Here's three Socialist, ... er, Democrat relatives of victims of 9/11, otherwise known as the Jersey Chicks, expressing their outrage. Buzzflash called it "photo profiteering."

And here's what these "mainstream media" and far Left sites had to say about John Kerry's attempt to profiteer over the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina:

It seems that if you Google "Kerry" and "Katrina" on the Jersey Chicks' site, most of what you come up with is fawning articles by Nation editor Katrina vandenHeuvel over the candidacy of John Kerry for President. CNN has no mention of Kerry's fundraising appeal. Buzzflash is silent.

Socialist Texan Molly Ivins has an article entitled "Happy Media Accountability Day!" It's subject is "Project Censored," which "offers a list of the [10] stories the mainstream media missed," things like "Bush Administration Moves to Eliminate Open Government" [No. 1], or "Iraq Coverage" [No. 2: because far Lefties didn't like the way it was covered], "Distorted Election Coverage" [No. 3: same reason, because a far Lefty's study of exit poll data wasn't given credence over the actual vote totals in Ohio], "The Real Oil for Food Scam" [No. 6: AKA: "It's all a Vast, Right Wing Plot to discredit the UN"], and "Journalists Face Unprecedented Dangers to Life and Livelihood" [No. 7: those poor dears; being a busybody in a war zone carries dangers].

Add John Kerry's exploitation of tragedy, Molly. Or is the far Left demonstrating its hypocrisy yet again by giving one of their own a pass for behavior for which they savaged a Republican President?

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