Thursday, September 29, 2005

Democrats and Double Standards

When Jeane Kirkpatrick got the attention of President Ronald Reagan, it was through an essay entitled "Dictatorships and Double Standards."

Perhaps some day I'll write a lengthy piece about Democrats and double standards.

One of the best right now is the whiplash caused by reading Democrats on 51st Delegate District Democrat nominee Earnie Porta, and Republican House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.

Here's what Raising Kaine has got to say about Porta:
The bottom line here is that Earnie Porta - like all Americans — is innocent until proven guilty. And, in this case, it looks like he’s completely innocent of any wrongdoing. So why is Michele McQuigg, as Porta asks, “resorting to these types of despicable campaign smear tactics?” Fascinating.
But, of course, Earnie Porta was adjudicated "guilty." What about liable don't the boys and girls at Raising Kaine understand?

But then there's the case of Tom DeLay. Here's what Raising Kaine had to say about the presumption of innocence to which Tom DeLay is entitled:
[T]he question here in Virginia for Jerry W. Kilgore and his campaign team — led by Scott “Max Cleland is an Osama-Loving Traitor” Howell — is not WHETHER the DeLay/Frist/Bush daily scandals will hurt them but HOW BADLY.
Never mind the standard Democrat lie about Max Cleland (he was defeated because he elevated the interests of a Democrat interest group over national security concerns); nice double standard, boys and girls.

Isn't it interesting how Democrats stand by their adjudicated wrongdoers, while attacking Republicans for wrongdoing which just happens to be alleged by Democrats?

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