Monday, September 26, 2005

Stealing a Page from Our Playbook

It seems that Rick Coplen and his buddies in the Prince William County Democrat Committee have stolen a twelve-year-old page from the Prince William County Young Republicans' playbook. Waldo mentions it over here.

Gotta say, I love Waldo's headline: "Dog Bites Man."

At least, when we did it (at a debate in 1993, against David Brickley) we were honest enough to give Dave a (low) passing grade on getting elected School Boards. The pass was because he did it. The fact that his grade was low was due to the fact that he should have been able to do it years earlier, more successfully, and without burdening the locality with a referendum to approve it as a member of the then-Democrat majority.

'Course, as to the substance, PW Democrats are out to lunch. As usual.


mitch's wife said...

James, let's be fair. While no one would beleive that Rick Coplen had the orignal thought of issuing a failing report card to the other party's candidates (or that he had an original thought ever), it seems unlikely that he "stole" it from you. First, he didn't live here twelve years ago. Second, YOU weren't the first to think of it either.

I'm no fan of Rick Coplen, and I am sure that it make a big splash when you did it a decade ago, but to say that he STOLE it... that may be going too far.

James Young said...

I'm still haven't found the emoticon for "tongue in cheek."

What's more interesting is, why is this news?

Hirons said...

I just want to know what the heck the deal is with the PWC Dems on the number of bills introduced compared to number passed is?

I've seen the issue pop up in every single race. Now I guess I see where it's coming from. But who cares? Who cares if a delegate introduces 10000 bills and only gets one of the passed. If that one bill gives peace and harmony to the world is he a failure because he didn't get 9999 other bills passed?

Is this all the Dems have left in VA?

mitch's wife said...

I'm sorry. I'm new to sarcasm.