Thursday, September 01, 2005

An Appropriate Legislative Response to Katrina

The pictures coming out of the Gulf Coast are heartbreaking, and it appears to be a human disaster of proportions this nation has not seen in decades, if ever. One wonders whether New Orleans will ever --- or should ever --- be restored to its former glory.

As I recall, one legislative response to the infamy of 9/11 was permitting taxpayers to convert unused vacation into a one-time charitable donation, without complicated tax consequences.

I hope that some forward-thinking Members of Congress would quickly introduce and pass similar legislation to promote private magnanimity in the face of this disaster.


Sorrel said...

Perhaps you and I could cheerfully agree that repeal/suspension of Davis/Bacon would be an appropriate legislative response.

James Young said...

A good idea. I'll see you and raise you: repeal Davis-Bacon altogether.

sorrel said...

Patience, patience.