Thursday, September 01, 2005

Senate Dems Soliciting Confirmation Questions

Thanks to the boys and/or girls over at NoVA Squishes ... er, Too Conservative (and spare me the protestations, guys; at least I've changed the moniker to recognize your extra-PWC character), here's a link to a Senate Democrat website that invites the reader to submit their own questions for Judge Roberts in his impending confirmation hearing.

I've submitted two already:

1. Do you believe that a President who commits a felony (e.g., perjury) in order to evade liability for his private actions is entitled to special privileges shielding him from liability?

2. Do you believe that former recruiters for the Ku Klux Klan possess any authority in constitutional interpretation?

Feel free to add your own questions below.


Sorrel said...

Cool. I didn't realize they were going to bring Clinton back up once Roberts gets confirmed. How does that work. Certainly agree that his perjury was an impeachable (and convictable) offense.

James Young said...

I don't think Clinton will come up again. But certainly, Roberts' supporters should point out the dismal record of his inquisitors.