Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pot. News Letterwatch

The political agenda of Potomac News (now) Executive Editor Susan Svhilik (like Hitlary, former Goldwater Girl) was obvious to me when she started her campaign (four years before she succeeded) to can me as a regular columnist.

But it's made more obvious when she republishes the same letter over and over again from one of the tax advocates.

Jean Reynolds comments about the budget were stupid enough when she made them before the Board of County Supervisors. No word on whether she has contributed more of her hard-earned dollars than required to County government.

Then she repeated them in a 2 May letter to the Pot. News.

Now, virtually the same letter appears again today (sorry, no link available).

What was that about no left-wing media bias? Surely, banging the drum qualifies as "bias."


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is just incompetence and they did print the same letter again.

Mom said...

No sale, this is actually the third time they have printed it.

Anonymous said...

Its not like Ms. Svilhik canned Jim Young as he states.......Jim pretty well canned himself with all his stupid remarks that he was trying to mask as journalism!! Fortunately Jim can vent all of his venom here where only people like me will see it....and that wont be often!!!! As for Jean Reynolds she simply outclasses Jim as a writer...only she is on the right side so to speak!!!

James Young said...

Wow, you are one cowardly weasel, IP address 198.107.179! Or is it Jean Reynolds, you cowardly ass? Maybe Susan Svilhik herself? What is really amazing is your ability to get so many things wrong in one post.

First, I never quit; my column was discontinued, and it was Svilhik's decision.

Second, "stupid remarks"?!?! Name one. Your free with the idiotic generalizations, but the fact is, I was the most read, influential local columnist in the paper. There's only one reason to discontinue a column like that, and it's because you don't like the influence that person is wielding.

Third, "trying to mask as journalism"?!?!? It was an opinion column, you ignorant twit. I made no pretense at journalism. If you don't know the difference, you're too stupid to be allowed to vote.

Fourth, Jean Reynolds is a sanctimonious boor with pretensions to intelligence. When she sends in more of her money to the County coffers than she is required to do, then I'll take her rantings seriously.

But thanks for reading!