Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lucy Web Watch --- UPDATE

Well, after nearly a week of misrepresenting herself to readers of her website, the Trait... er, Lucy Beauchamp has finally removed all references to the GOP. That's some kind of "attention to detail" that I'm told she likes to tout.

However, it is worth noting that her endorsements page was only updated on 20 January 2007, and still lists many Republican officeholders and County Committee Members as her endorsers.

When will the exodus required by their pledge of "intent to support all Republican nominees for public office in the ensuing election" be reflected?


Charles said...

As of May 5, Lucy has removed all her endorsements, her page is now "under construction".
So I think this is a resolved issue now.

Anonymous said...

Lucy and Maureen have done in any given week in the last 15 years ...more for Prince William and more for the Republican Party than all of the current 'leadership' twerps have or ever will contribute!!! The only good thing about the current campaign is that maybe now the nazi-republican wing of the local party will continue to promote losing elections like they have in the last two!!!

James Young said...

Oh, name one thing, you cowardly little twerp from McLean!

Weasels post anonymously. But here's your IP address: 198.107.179