Friday, April 13, 2007

Pot. News Letter Watch AKA All The Usual Suspects

Opened my local rag ... er, the Potomac News today, and found just about what you'd expect from the nihilistic, looney Left.

There was the letter from Jean Reynolds of Woodbridge, who took exception to a prior letter from John Suren, expressing mainstream views about homosexuality and the radical homosexual agenda. Of course, it is de rigeur to label such views as "hate," and declared that "hate speech is not protected under the Constitution." One is tempted to wonder whether Ms. Reynolds is another monument to the folly of government education, but I suspect that her idiocy is pathological.

Then there was a letter from Kurt Doehnert of Dale City. Doehnert never met a tax or government spending he didn't like, and asserted that property taxes are the "primary revenue source for county products and services." I suppose one can legitimately use the word "services" --- though a better word for most of it is "welfare" --- but "products"?!?!?! Please, oh please, Mr. Doehnert, identify a single "product" produced by County government, or any non-socialist government, for that matter.

And then there was the letter by Ron Crigger, complaining that the whiners and welfare advocates hadn't been listened to at the recent beggars night at the BOCS. Here's a news flash, Mr. Crigger: the people that the BOCS are apparently listening to are the people who actually work and pay the bills, and voted a Conservative majority into office. But if, as you assert, there are those in the County who want to pony up more to the government for misnomered "services," then I encourage you, personally, to do so.

Just take your hand out of my wallet.

Charles Reichley made a good point in a comment. He noted that one of these "services," a $4 million program that finds menial jobs for about 200 mentally-disabled County residents, subject of a whiny lead article in the Potomac News a few days back, works out to about $20,000 per person "assisted." 'Course, that program could probably accomplish just as much if the County were to cut checks for $10,000 to each individual, cut the budget in half, and fire the bureaucrats taking their cut.

Or better yet, cut entirely and left --- as it should be --- to private charity.

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