Thursday, May 03, 2007

Guess I MIssed Your Post On Rosie O'Donnell

Well, Sean Hannity predicted it. Once the far Left "got" Don Imus for his vile and despicable comments, they'd come after mainstream Conservative talk radio.

Sure enough, they've got their first target for their faux, contrived, politically-motivated outrage: Neal Boortz.

I started listening to Neal when he was with the "ex-wife," on WGST in Atlanta, when I was in law school. This was in pre-Rush days, 'bout 1987. He's always been edgy, though not outrageous. I even link to his website here. For all practical purposes, he was blogging before blogging was cool. There, he posts his daily program notes.

Now, the boys and girls at Ranting Kids (h/t to Riley), ... er, Raising Dough, ... er, "Raising Kaine" have launched a campaign against Boortz. Not fewer than a dozen diary entries in the last three weeks attack him. Today, one of them asks whether the far Left would be up in arms if a left-wing radio host (they're out there, though you have to look very hard because they're not, as a rule, commercially successful) had said something as purportedly outrageous as Neal had.

It's easy to understand why the far Left is launching these faux, contrived, politically-motivated assaults. After all, the far Left fails miserably on talk radio, because it is market-driven. That's why Air Pravda ... er, "Air America" is in bankruptcy, having failed miserably in the marketplace of ideas. For that matter, that's why labor unions demand the power to extract monies from employees, and why union bosses and the far Left so jealously guard the privilege to do so. They have to, because they sleep poorly in the sure and certain knowledge that allowing people to vote with their feet and their dollars is a recipe for disaster for their far Left causes.

But to answer RK's question: Ever hear of Rosie O'Donnell? More specifically, ever hear of a far Left-type calling for her removal from "The View," before ABC decided not to renew her contract, for her much more outrageous and inane comment about, well, just about everything, but particularly, about Iraq and 9/11?

The question answers itself: O'Donnell's name appears nowhere in the post. Amazingly enough, it appears that the only "O'Donnell" even mentioned at the website is Shawn O'Donnell, a Socialist ... er, Democrat candidate for Congress in the First Congressional District. Another "Rosie" appears in a post, but not Rosie O'Donnell.

The real tragedy is that the boys and girls at Ranting Kids (h/t to Riley), ... er, Raising Dough, ... er, "Raising Kaine" actually agree with Rosie O'Donnell.

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