Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Lucy Web Watch --- Day Five

I only started this yesterday, but the Trait... er, Lucy Beauchamp has now moved from merely implicit to explicit misrepresentation of herself.

I speak, of course, to her approximately-half page advertisement in today's Potomac News (page A5), declaring her "independent" candidacy for Clerk of the Court.

Nevertheless, there's that pesky little fact that her website still touts her Republican credentials. It cannot be mere oversite, since she lists that website in the advertisement. One wonders what the explanation could be. Could it be that her webmaster (the e-mail links to Jay Hochstaine, a longtime Republican) has quit in disgust, and that she has no ability to change or remove her website? One can only hope.

It's certainly an interesting advertisement, in letter form. Like most "independent" candidates, I suppose, it implicitly attacks anyone who dares run with partisan affiliation as someone who serves only "a small faction" of the community ("I have remembered that I serve all of my community, not a small faction"; "I am announcing today that I am running for Clerk of the Circuit Court ... as an Independent Candidate, so that I can continue to serve the entire population of Prince William County and the Cities of Manassas and Manassas Park").

Oh, I get it. She's now attacking Dave Mabie, the former Circuit Court Clerk, who twice ran for and won election as a Republican. And virtually anyone else who runs with partisan affiliation. I guess that's par for the course for someone with so few principles that she fails to understand that there are those --- most, I hope --- who run with partisan affiliation not as a path to personal political power, but rather, because political parties at their best are supposed to represent a set of shared ideas and values which --- to their adherents --- best "serve all of [the] community."

One can only conclude from Lucy's ham-handed criticism that she holds to a different view.

And no mention is made of the fact that she twice sought --- and was denied --- the GOP endorsement for her current job as School Board Chairman. No mention is made of the fact that she has repeatedly joined and maintained her membership in the County Republican Committee.

I guess the naked hypocrisy which such an admission would reveal is something that she hopes that the voters will overlook in her quest for personal political power.

Lucy Beauchamp for Clerk. Misrepresenting Herself Since 27 April 2007.

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