Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Paul Nichols Files For Dem Nomination For The 51st

According to Ben Tribbett, Greg Letiecq, and Jim Riley, attorney Paul Nichols has filed for the Democrat nomination for the House of Delegates seat for the 51st District.

I know Paul socially. Never knew he was a Democrat. VPAP lists him primarily as a Republican donor since 2001, donating roughly twice as much to Republicans as to Democrats. However, he has also donated more to the Virginia Trial Lawyers PAC than to all candidates combined.

Interestingly, while he personally gave $250 to Republican Corey Stewart for Chairman in 2006, his firm gave an equal amount to Democrat Sharon Pandak. His personal donation was made to Stewart early, in August, while the firm's donation to Pandak was made late, on 30 October. It may well be for others to discern meaning, if any, from these facts.

At last, the Dems have a serious candidate for this seat. From what I know of the man (admittedly, not too much, other than that he seems to be a good guy), I have my doubts that he'll satisfy the moonbats for whom Jeff Dion seems to be a good candidate, and who seem to have taken over the Democrat Party. This race may have just gotten a whole lot more interesting.

Additionally, Greg reports that Faisal Gill has outfiled Julie Lucas in terms of delegate filing forms for the upcoming convention, with an advantage of more than 200 forms (with an insignificant number of apparently uncommitted forms). From all available criteria, Gill clearly has the upper hand. It remains to be seen whether the Internet smear campaign being waged against him will yield the results sought.

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Riley, Not O'Reilly said...

I think Nichols' heavy support of the trial lawyers PAC should give any voter pause. Don't forget, the term "trial lawyer" is so widely despised that the American Trial Lawyers Assoc. had to change their name to the American Assoc. for Justice or the Justice League of America or the Super Friends or something like that.