Friday, May 25, 2007

Tax Advocates Never Rest

Unsurprisingly, Lowell over at Ranting Kids ... er, Raising Dough ... er, Raising Kaine agrees with the Roanoke Times call to increase the gas tax. Now, there's certainly a case to be made that the gas tax --- a fixed amount paid for each gallon of gasoline sold --- could be changed to something akin to the sales tax --- a fixed percentage of the value of the item sold --- this ain't it. And while I'm always impressed when some newspaper downstate --- i.e., those who have been taking more than their fair share of state tax revenue at the expense of those of us in Northern Virginia who produce it --- calls for more confiscatory taxation, I was just wondering:

Since Lowell apparently believes that he's not shelling out enough to the Commonwealth, perhaps he can post a copy of the check that he sent in for money above and beyond what was required of him under existing law.

Oh, he didn't send in more than he had to?

Until he does, and for that matter, until the Roanoke Times does, they should spare us the pretensions that we're not paying enough, or that we should be paying more. Commitment requires more than lip service, and unless the Lefties who want more government demonstrate it with action, I'm simply not interested in hearing about how much more they want to take from me.


Charles said...

Jim, not on topic, but I've had most all of my comments over at BVBL defending Faisal deleted.

He has decided he can't answer the arguments, so he's just deleting everything that defends faisal.

James Young said...

Lost Internet access for while, Charles, but have it back.

Can't say I'm surprised. Though if I were Steve Chapman's attorney, I would certainly cite this incident as an example of Greg's effort to cast things he dislikes down the proverbial memory hole. You can't help but wonder if Greg isn't the original BVBL.

James Young said...

I've deleted yet another idiotic post from an unknown idiot who seems to labor under the belief that he can become President by posting idiotic comments on little-read (or even more widely-known) blogs.

Kindlyleave me and my readers --- both of them --- alone.

James Young said...

Charles, with all due respect --- I think it's despicable --- how excited should I get about this? I don't remember ANYONE leaping to my defense when our friend Greg did it to me. If I am mistaken --- and I rarely, and try very hard not to, forget kindnesses --- please refresh my recollection.