Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"Jericho" To Be Cancelled?

The answer is "Yes," according to Doug Mataconis and his sources.

As I said over there, this sucks.

When I learned of the premise (what happens to a small town after about half a dozen American cities were destroyed in a nuclear terrorist attack), I was pretty sure it wouldn’t even last one season. Too serious for the pablum that passes for entertainment these days. That it did is a tribute to the devotion of its audience (I was among them; it’s the only show I tape, as Wednesdays are choir practice night at church), and to the quality of the writing and cast. To be sure, there was plenty about the show to criticize: primarily, its premise about the extent of the societal breakdown which would result from the attack described. It seemed a bit over the top to me, but then again, when I was muuuuuch younger, I read and enjoyed a book called Alas, Babylon, based upon the same premise.

However, I won’t be a spoiler, save to note that I was quite disappointed about one of the happenings in the last episode.

That Jericho is cancelled while the likes of American Idol, Survivor, and America’s Bingo Night are on the air is a true tragedy. Evidence (along with rap and hip-hop) that those who say that America is in decline are right.

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