Saturday, May 12, 2007

As If We Needed More Proof

As if we needed more proof that Mike Messier, candidate for the GOP nomination for Prince William County Sheriff, were simply a Democrat, one can turn to the letters in today's Potomac News and find a glowing letter from Keith Kessler, endorsing Messier for the GOP nomination. Here it is:

The Prince William County Sheriff's Office is a mockery of justice. While our Board of County Supervisors dealt with budget deficits, our current sheriff increased his spending by over $3 million (from $6M to $9M) and refused to make budget concessions while offering less services.

So what has Sheriff Glendell Hill done with your tax dollars to explain the 50 percent increase in operations?

The sheriff hired 30 managers in the office, which is twice as many managers as prior to his administration. That equates to one boss for every two deputies.

This is wasted money, unwise fiscal management and cronyism.

When the sheriff took office in 2004, there was a staff of 69 people. Now he has a staff of 87 people, 15 more vehicles and two pretty little golf carts equipped with a blue light and sheriff markings to patrol the small courthouse grounds. What kind of management is that?

Morale in the sheriff's department is very low and it's a serious problem. Since deputies work "at the will" of the sheriff, their jobs are not guaranteed. This needs to change. These are public servants, trained at "taxpayers" expense, with years of experience, earning less than the average living wage for this county.

No wonder we have a shortage of law enforcement personnel in this county.

On June 12, I urge voters to turn out this current tyrant calling himself a sheriff. Vote for a person with plenty of experience, integrity, fiscally sound management policies. Cast your vote for Mike Messier.

Mike was a former Chief Deputy in Prince William County and he knows how to operate a sheriff's department prudently, efficiently and effectively.

Let's make our Prince William County Sheriff's Office something to be proud of once again. Mike Messier is the right man at the right time of budget deficits and fiscal restraints, to get our Sheriff's Office back at working "for" the people and not taking "from" the people.


Dale City

Now anyone stupid enough to listen to Keith Kessler probably deserves what they get. After all, Kessler is a long-time Democrat activist. Anyone familiar with his record had no choice but to laugh aloud at his complaints about the budget growing under Glen Hill, since Kessler has never seen a budget increase that he didn't use to justify a tax increase. He's never before seen a budget increase for which he didn't apologize.

One has to wonder whether this effort doesn't mean that Messier's participation in the GOP primary (without a corresponding Democrat primary) means that Democrats are now attempting to defraud Prince William voters by misrepresenting themselves as Republicans.

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