Friday, May 11, 2007

A "Conservative"?

No one who uses the word "homophobia" with a straight face can be called a "conservative" in any meaningful sense of the word. Just as those who use the term "nigger" in every day usage must be presumptively racist, so those who use the word "homophobia" cannot possibly be considered Conservatives.

"Homophobia" is, of course, the belitting and disparaging term used by the far Left against anyone who dares to oppose the radical homosexual agenda. You know: the agenda which seeks to redefine the word "marriage" to mandate state validation of perverse sexual relationships, and to legitimize what 5000 years of civilized societies have declared illegitimate.

"-phobia," of course, refers to/implies "fear of," from the Greek. Its usage is an effort to belittle those who hold principled opposition to legitimizing homosexual relationships. It is a term --- like "racist"; "far right"; "angry"; "intolerant"; and "uncaring" --- that adherents to far Left ideologies like to throw around against their political enemies, to disparage arguments against which they have no real response, since those arguments have little or nothing to do with fear.

Of course, the purpose of its usage is to attribute to those who oppose the radical homosexual agenda a distasteful attribute, and to imply that their opposition is nothing more than distasteful emotionalism.

It is a fraud. Just like like "racist," "far right," "angry," "intolerant," and "uncaring."

No "conservative" --- in any meaningful sense of the word --- should use it except in the most extreme cases. Any "conservative" who does so is a fraud. Or simply too stupid to recognize and/or understand their own ideology.

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James Atticus Bowden said...

I wrote a variation on this theme yesterday.

The Left and Islam can't stand free speech. Especially free, Christian speech. Neither the Liberal Human Secularists, nor Islam, can compete in the marketplace of ideas. They have to suppress their opposition. Just like Marcuse said. And Mohammed.