Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Google Bombing" Comes To PWC

The increasing desperation of the anti-Faisal Gill crowd has now, unfortunately, spilled over to the Julie Lucas campaign, and been adopted wholesale. The strategy? "Google-bombing" Gill and trying to smear him as ... well, sometimes, the message is mixed.

To be sure, there are some who clearly could be considered racists. They think that if they generate enough smoke about Gill's past associations with those who turned out to be terrorist sympathizers (even though Gill's actions were above reproach), they can appeal to latent racism or discriminatory feelings about all Muslims. This strategy is especially necessary, because Gill, of course, has a distinguished record of service to the nation, and no one could possibly attribute Islamicist actions to him.

This is unfortunate. Aside from the fact that the main proponent of these canards is a Democrat, it is clearly racist in its effect, since it is an effort to paint all Muslims, even those who are loyal Americans, as wild-eyed extremists. It is especially true as to Faisal, whose record demonstrates to even the casual observer a strong penchant for bringing American Muslims into the political mainstream.

Then there are those who are quite clearly bitter over the fact that Faisal Gill dared to play a role in a campaign of someone who dared to challenge the sainted Harry Parrish, who was either too far gone or too dishonest to admit that he was trying to raise taxes on the people of Northern Virginia. Their association with the smears is likely derivative of their dishonesty, i.e., they want to be thought of as "conservatives," but their record of enthusiasm for increasing levels of confiscatory taxations precludes that. God forbid that they should actually be forced to attack Faisal's positions.

And then there's Greg Letiecq, who shot off his mouth about Steve Chapman and, whatever the merits of some of his charges, went too far and managed to get himself sued. His beef with Faisal? It is Gill's law firm which is representing Chapman in his lawsuit against Letiecq.

And then there's the irony of those who would attack me for holding Julie Lucas' support for tax-increaser Buck Waters against her would associate themselves with those who hold anyone's support of Steve Chapman against them. As though a personal agenda to increase taxes were comparable to a personal agenda to pursue jihad.

Unfortunately, Julie has now resorted to reliance upon the smears to advance her candidacy.

One wonders how enthusiastic Gill's supporters will be for Lucas, should she win the nomination. It's one thing to take the high road --- as Gill has --- and win. But Lucas' effort seems to be an increasing sign of desperation, and one which will, if she is able to secure the GOP nomination, limit her ability to enlist Gill's supporters for her candidacy. Particularly now that the Dems have a serious candidate in the race.

Sadly, it is doubtful that it is a position from which she can retreat.


Anonymous said...

You are a sexy little man, Jamesy.

Charles said...

There not "racists", because its about being "muslim", which is a religion, not really about his race.