Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Lucy Web Watch --- Day Four

Well, it's been four days since Lucy Beauchamp reportedly announced her intention to run for the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Prince William County, Manassas, and Manassas Park as an independent.

Nevertheless, her website still proudly touts her Republican affiliation. Republican logos; endorsements from Republican officeholders, etc.

When will she remove these false claims of GOP affiliation? I suppose one can understand a delay of a couple, or even a few days. After all, it will probably take a few days for her betrayed but loyal-Republican endorsees to communicate their desire to have their names removed. But is this the efficiency which she offers to the citizens of these jurisdictions?

The trait... er, Beauchamp, has adopted the slogan "Proven Leadership," at which many laughed out loud.

If she wants a more honest slogan, how's this? "Misrepresenting Herself Since 27 April 2007"?

The Lucy Web Watch begins here.


Anonymous said...

"This website was last updated on, March 25, 2007"

James Young said...

Maybe her webmaster quit?