Saturday, January 20, 2007

To Whom Else Is Jeff Dion Lying?

Well, at least one answer is: the Boy Scouts of America.

As regular readers know (both of you), I have discussed at length Dion's the suggestion on his website that he "lives in Lake Ridge with his two children." As I understand it, Dion "lives in Lake Ridge with his two children" in the same way that I live in Montclair with Maureen Caddigan. That is, we both live in the community, but in separate homes (our spouses and children would likely object were it otherwise). Nevertheless, I have nothing more than my impressions, and those that have been reported to me, yet Dion has had plenty of opportunity to either disabuse me of my misimpression (in which case, he would immediately receive a public apology and retraction), and has failed or refused to do so, notwithstanding his monitoring of the blogosphere.

I received an e-mail today which indicates that Dion is acting as a Cub Scout pack leader. Cub Scouts are, of course, part of the Boy Scouts of America, a program in which I have more than a passing interest, as an Eagle Scout myself, and as the father of one Cub Scout, and one soon-to-be Cub Scout.

As it turns out, one witness reports that Dion is Cub Master for the local Cub Scout Pack at Antietam Elementary School in Lake Ridge. But is anything more well known than the Boy Scouts’ prohibition against homosexuals? The Boy Scouts took a case to the United States Supreme Court and won to protect their right as a private organization to hold their leaders responsible for their choices and to demand that they adhere to basic moral standards (Boy Scouts of America v. Dale, 530 U.S. 640 (2000)). The BSA has since reaffirmed this policy.

A lot of questions are raised by this. After all, notwithstanding local press silence, Dion is apparently well out of the closet ... except when it comes to his campaign. The metro area's homosexual newspaper, the Washington Blade, has reported on his candidacy under the headline "Gay Va. lawyer eyes county seat." He has been endorsed by the "Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund." Another widely-read blogger has --- when not attacking with innuendo and guilt-by-association a prospective Republican candidate for Delegate whose law firm is representing another former Republican candidate in a libel suit --- reported at length on his deception and his preference. Yet while Dion's website biography prominently mentions his attainment of the rank of Eagle Scout --- presumably before he made public his sexual activities inconsistent with the Scout Oath and Laws --- and many of his activities (including the fact that he "volunteers for the PTA," an organization associated with the ultra-Left National Education Association teachers' union, which not only doesn't care about the moral values of Scouting, but actively opposes them), it pointedly does not mention the fact that he acts as a Cub Scout leader. Curious, indeed, since such a credential would presumably endear him to the family-oriented voters of the Occoquan District. Presumably, that is, if they remained unaware of his personal choices inconsistent with the values of Scouting.

So Dion is, once again, not telling the whole truth. Not to the Boy Scouts of America, not to the local leaders to whom he is responsible, and likely not to the parents who entrust their children, at least temporarily, to his care.

This is a candidate who asks the voters for his trust? This is a candidate that the Democrats asks voters to trust?

Curious, indeed.

UPDATE: A commenter over at BVBL has offered proof that Dion is, indeed, the CubMaster. Click on the link at the bottom to find out who is the CubMaster of the Pack.

Some on the far Left are trying to claim that this is about "mean spirited gay bashing" and intolerance. About the former, they're wrong. I never publicly commented upon Dion's perversion until he became a public figure and started offering public information which seemed --- to some acquainted with him --- specifically designed to leave voters with an entirely different impression of basic facts about him. However, it is absolutely true that it's about intolerance.

Of course, the "intolerance" that it's about is intolerance for those who misrepresent themselves.


Nate de la Piedra said...

So you attack him for being a good father and taking the time to be with his son in an organization that you believe to be great for kids.

Seems as you attack without thinking things through, would you prefer that he stay at home and not help his son and community?

James Young said...

Awww, Nate, why don't you just 'fess up and admit that you and those of your ilk reject Scouting's message?

If you can't follow the rules, you shouldn't play the game.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, though -- being an involved father is a bad thing? Don't forget, this is CUB SCOUTS we're talking about. I don't think any of the kids are too worried about the import of the Scout Oath.

Also, is it now wrong to be a member of the PTA? That's a new one to me...

Sam said...


Dion may be gay, but that doesn't make him a pedaphile (sp). Nate hit the nail on the head when he said that Dion is doing the right thing by being active in his son's life.

Sam said...

PS: I'm going to quote from the Boy Scout handbook's definition of the Scout Oath:

"The Boy Scout Handbook (11th ed.) explains “morally straight” as “To be a person of strong character, your relationships with others should be honest and open. You should respect and defend the rights of all people. Be clean in your speech and actions, and remain faithful in your religious beliefs. The values you practice as a Scout will help you shape a life of virtue and self-reliance.”

If Dion can do that, I have no problem with him as a Scout leader. Besides, do you have nothing better to attack him on than his orientation? Please tell me that you have some substantive argument for why Dion should not be elected.

James Young said...

First, this rule applies equally to Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, so stop trying to quibble (though this is certainly consistent with Dion's practices).

Second, no one said Dion is a pedophile, so stop trying to change the subject.

Third, you're selectively quoting, Sam (kinda like those who like to cite Christ's admonition "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone," while neglecting to mention that his next statement was "Go forth and sin no more"). You neglect to mention that the Scouts hold that "homosexual conduct is inconsistent with the traditional values espoused in the Scout Oath and Law and that an avowed homosexual cannot serve as a role model for the values of the Oath and Law." Like him, you apparently are picking and choosing those parts of the Scout Oath and Law that you find meritorious, so stop trying to change the subject.

Fourth, I'm not "attack[ing] him on ... his orientation." To the extent I have referred to anything, I have referred to his choice to engage in deviant sexual behavior. I am "attack[ing] him on ... his" dishonesty --- repeated, serial, dishonesty --- so stop trying to change the subject to his "orientation," whatever that means in this context.

But thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

"deviant sexual behavior" certainly has a negative context. Come on James, admit it, you are are pandering to anti-gay bigots. One seriously has to wonder what this has to actually do with a campaign about the future of Virginia? There are plenty of pro-choice Catholics out there holding office and getting communion, gonna go after them next? This is such a non-story.

Charles said...

If the Boy Scouts don't think there is a problem with gay leaders, they can change their rules to allow them.

It's not for individuals to decide an organization has no valid reason for their rules, and to lie to the organization so as to get around those rules.

Because while one might argue about the scout oath and being gay, nobody can suggest that trustworthy doesn't mean telling the truth, even when it might be to your disadvantage.

This presumes that he is really a scout leader, and not just a father who helps out the pack. I don't think the boy scouts refuse parental involvement from gay parents.

However, he wouldn't be able to fill out the official forms needed to be a formal leader.

Republitarian's Wife said...

I've been called many things but, this is a first for "far left"

James Young said...

I consider anyone who seeks to mainstream deviant sexual behavior as "far Left," Megan. If the shoe fits....

And honestly always is a "real campaign issue."

Anonymous said...

Hey James: you seem like a find example of what is wrong with Boy Scouts.

James Young said...

No organization is perfect, Anon 18:43. I fail to see how that reflects poorly on the organization unless, a la the Catholic Church, the BSA was covering up his predatory behavior with regard to those in his care.