Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Macaca'ing Continues

Apparently unsatisfied with smearing candidates, Lowell Feld over at Raising Dough ... er, Raising Kaine, has decided to direct his smears at yours truly, offering this little gem:
"If only Allen had hired James Young (or Cliff Kincaid) as his anti-gay coordinator...."
I'm utterly perplexed as to why I would be equated with Cliff Kincaid. For one thing, I don't even know the guy. Certainly, I am not nearly as famous. Indeed, I had not even seen his column until I came across Lowell's little smear. And I probably wouldn't agree with his analysis. Indeed, given the political hackdom into which Lowell has descended --- I've met him, and he doesn't appear to be simply stupid --- one has to wonder whether this little assault isn't being launched because I dare to point out the dishonesty in Jeff Dion's campaign biography. Dion claims that he "lives in Lake Ridge with his two children," which may be true in the same sense that I "live in Montclair with Maureen Caddigan," when in fact, he lives in Lake Ridge, i.e., shares a home with, his homosexual paramour.

Lowell's smear is, of course, the same kind of smear that the race hustlers will use to libel those who oppose the recent resolution introduced to have Virginia "apologize" for slavery. I'm curious: to whom is such an apology to be issued? I once attended a Christmas party with an amazing woman. She was 113 years old, who was born in 1875. Her parents had been slaves in Kentucky, and she was the oldest human being I had ever laid eyes on. And she was still a decade removed from slavery at her birth. And, of course, it is an apology apparently to be issued by those who never owned a slave, who don't support slavery in any form, who had no responsibility for the "peculiar institution," whose ancestors may not even have been in the United States when slavery existed, and who themselves weren't even born until decades after slavery was abolished by passage of the Thirteenth Amendment.

I can imagine little more meaningless than an "apology" issued to no one, offered by those not responsible for the evil for which they are "apologizing."

Of course, most of those slandering opponents of such a meaningless "apology" are enthusiastic supporters of the servitude created by the welfare state.

And isn't it ironic? The authors of this resolution are all, or almost all, Democrats. If the notion here is that Virginia somehow institutionally owes an "apology" for slavery, then one has to wonder whether Virginia's Democrat Party has offered such an "apology." Indeed, they have much more than mere slavery --- which preexisted the founding of the Democrat Party --- for which to apologize. After all, the Democrat Party was the primary defending of Jim Crow, an organized effort to frustrate the effect of the Civil War Amendments.

The General Assembly should flatly refuse to even consider the proposal for a slavery "apology" until Virginia's Democrat Party apologizes for its racist behavior.

And as to Lowell's smear, I've just got to ask: Awww, whatsa matter, Lowell? Still smarting from the refusal of Virginia voters to mainstream perversion? Too bad Lowell doesn't understand the difference between opposing the radical homosexual agenda and being "anti-gay," whatever that is.

Besides, not all of us offer our opinions in the blogosphere simply because we're Raising Dough ... er, Raising Kaine.

UPDATE: I asked the first individual to whom this "apology" is to be issued what she thought of it. Aside from the fact that she hadn't heard of the nonsensical "apology" for slavery, her first reaction was to roll her eyes in contempt. That's just about right.


Anonymous said...

Jeff Dion will be on the premiere episode of "Republican Eye for the Queer Guy," detailing how to try to act and sound like a GOPer in order to get elected without really becoming one.

James Atticus Bowden said...

The maccaca-ing will never end. This is all they have. Liberals don't have better ideas - only warmed over socialism, racism and paganism.