Sunday, January 21, 2007

Beyond Dion's Misrepresentations

As both regular readers of this space know, we now have two instances of serious questions having been raised about the honesty of Jeff Dion, who is the Democrat nominee for Occoquan District Supervisor. One involves his biographical claim about his custody status. Dion has not chosen to respond to the serious questions raised here and elsewhere, notwithstanding his blogosphere presence and repeated invitations to do so.

The other involves his role as a Cub Scout Pack Leader, notwithstanding the Scout's long-standing prohibition against practicing homosexuals from leadership positions.

It is becoming readily apparent what Dion's behavior in this regard tells us about his character and honesty. Without answers to these questions, it is almost beyond question that one must conclude that he is a fine student of the Great Prevaricator aka Bill Clinton, whose every statement needed to be parsed for hidden meaning and shadings. Remember "It depends on what the meaning of 'is' is"?

But as a practicing homosexual seeking public office in local government, one must also ask what impact Dion's proclivities will have on his performance of his public duties, if elected. Some have pointed out that his involvement as an adult Scout leader notwithstanding his deviant sexual activities demonstrates that he "seems to have decided that what HE wants to do is paramount."

Interesting point. And in light of it, one is entitled to ask how "what HE wants to do it" will affect his performance of his public duties, if elected.

One of the elements of the continuing far Left/radical homosexual war on the Boy Scouts has been to attack their access to public facilities. Soooo, if elected, will Jeff Dion support these attacks, if launched in Prince William County and/or Virginia? For instance, local Cub Scout packs use Leesylvania State Park for their annual summer Day Camp. I don't believe that the County has any role in use of that facility, but there are likely many County facilities frequently used by the Cub Scouts and the Boy Scouts. Will Dion support efforts to deny access of Boy Scouts to public facilities because of their beliefs in God and regarding homosexual behavior? Will Dion seek passage of so-called "non-discrimination" ordinances designed to protect practitioners of deviant sexual behavior, which have been used to discriminate against the Boy Scouts? Will Dion seek to deny to the Boy Scouts access to charitable donation campaigns because of the BSA's constitutionally-protected views and leadership policies with respect to homosexuals?

These are the types of attacks which have been launched against the Boy Scouts by partisans for the radical homosexual agenda. The question is, will Dion support such efforts as Occoquan District Supervisor? Will Dion attempt --- like so many other partisans for the radical homosexual agenda ---to enlist the awesome power of government to abuse the Boy Scouts?

UPDATE: One commenter on a previous thread said that "Dion may be gay, but that doesn't make him a pedaphile (sp). Nate hit the nail on the head when he said that Dion is doing the right thing by being active in his son's life."

Well, he's probably not. But that doesn't address the point of other people's sons in his charge. Leslie Carbone made the point about five years ago, asking:
Is the hypocrisy of today's cultural elites limitless? Is the Pope Catholic" After years of haranguing the Boy Scouts of America for refusing to place young boys in danger of sexual abuse, the liberal intelligentsia is now condemning the Catholic Church leadership for doing exactly that.
Carbone went on to note that:

But what if the church had exercised the zero-tolerance policy now demanded in the first place? Would it have dodged the criticism it now endures?

The Boy Scouts of America didn't. The BSA has come under constant fire for its policy of prohibiting homosexuals from serving as scoutmasters. While not all homosexuals are child molesters and not all child molesters are homosexual, there is a strong enough correlation to mean that the BSA's policy is prudent and responsible. Although homosexuals constitute only about two percent of the population, they represent one-third of child molesters. "The Gay Report," the 1979 work of homosexual researchers Jay and Young revealed that 73 percent of homosexuals surveyed admitted to having had sexual relations with boys ages 16 to 19 or younger. Psychiatrist Jeffrey Satinover sees a "substantial, influential, and growing segment of the homosexual community that neither hides nor condemns pedophilia. Rather they argue that pedophilia is an acceptable aspect of sexuality, especially of homosexuality."

It's easy to see why serving as scoutmasters is attractive to homosexual child molesters. Such a post provides easy access to lots of young boys away from their parents, on such excursions as the camping trips that are a staple of scout life. Though the BSA annually bars hundreds of homosexuals from serving as scoutmasters, a nationwide investigation of child molestation in the Boy Scouts found that more than 2,000 boys had reported molestation by adult Scout leaders who slipped by the ban during 1971 to 1991. Lifting the BSA's ban on homosexual scoutmasters would surely only increase this number.

Those of use who object to Dion's lying about his deviant sexual behavior in order to evade the BSA's prohibitions are being savaged by the far Left. One has to wonder how many of them have attacked the Catholic Church for its failure to respond appropriately to abuse by priests. Indeed, one has to wonder whether, in both cases, their criticism is rooted not in concerns about children, but in attacking traditional institutions they loathe.

UPDATE: Well, at least one far Left blogger has decided to attack by unsuccessfully arguing that a candidate's honesty is not an issue of importance to voters. He entitles his piece "On Obfuscation of Issues." While he is doubtless learning much about the theory and practice of the obfuscation of issues in law school, I'm pretty sure that how a candidate's private perversions affect his public decisions is always an issue important to voters.

And, of course, note the scrupulous silence from the far Left to this post.


Republitarian's Wife said...

"And, of course, note the scrupulous silence from the far Left to this post."

Since this is your blog I won't feel bad about engaging in a bit of speculation. Mr. Young, they probably feel kinda bad about how silly we made you look.

James Young said...

Yeah, you go with that, Megan. I find it rather interesting that you accept as Gospel the self-serving yet ambiguous statements of a Democrat candidate.

Republitarian's Wife said...

I find it interesting you expect me accept your--so far-- unproven speculations.

Mr. Dion has stated in the comment section of Virginia Virtucon that there is a shared custody arrangement. You, yourself, have stated that you have seen him in church with his children yet you accuse him of being less than honest about his family life. You also refuse to just go ahead and ask someone.

You have also accused Mr. Dion of lying to the BSA, but you have no proof of this other than drawing conclusions. As pointed out by Mr. Bouchillon--who took the time to send an email-- the BSA is aware of the situation. Also it was pointed out on DWJ that the registration material doesn't ask about sexual orientation.

Now in you latest post you are upset that it has only been reported once that he is involved Equality Prince William. How many times should that be reported?

Oh, and this was just great.
"Never mind that the Pot. New has ignored serious questions raised about Dion's quibbling/misrepresentation of his custody status. Never mind his apparent and inevitable lies to the Boy Scouts of America in obtaining a position as a Cub Scout Pack leader."

Have you contacted them about these serious questions? Or is the paper responsible to scour the internet looking for blogs that ask questions and then try to answer the questions for you?

And the questions have been answered--just not on your blog. You refuse to accept the answers yet provide no reasonable evidence that that Mr. Dion lying.

If you want me to believe you, give me some facts. Calling me "far left" does little to hide your factual shortcomings.