Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Faisal Gill's Response

Jim Riley managed to get these up before I did, since we've been busily preparing for a Supreme Court argument in my office over the last few days, regarding questions raised by Greg Letiecq on his website. While I think some genuine electability issues are raised regarding these issues, it seems to me to be patently unfair for a Republican --- and one who is being sued by an individual represented by Gill's law firm --- to engage in what may well be guilty-by-association smears and innuendo against a man who wore his country's uniform, served honorably, and later was exonerated on these very same charges by officials charged with maintaining the nation's security.

I know that both Faisal and the other potential GOP candidate, Julie Lucas, can and probably will conduct the nomination contest on a much higher level. Sadly, Greg's efforts --- which are doubtless motivated at least in part by his on-going legal troubles --- will be supported by the dour and despicable individuals for whom no depth are low enough in their efforts to smear anyone with the temerity to demand that Republican and conservative candidates act like Republicans.

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