Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Adventures in Sycophancy II

From our friends at Sean Connaughton's Cult of Personality ... er, "Too Conservative."

Only a Connaughton sycophant would care.


NoVA Scout said...

Or, to be precise, a Rob Whitney sycophant, of which I am proudly one of many.

As I mentioned elsewhere, this was a little wager on whether I could get you, James, to say the word "sycophant." I had told some doubters that I had considerable power over your utterances. They are now believers. My next trick will be to get you to use some form of the verb "to belittle."

James Young said...

Well, that's sweet, "NoVA Scout."

Not much of a wager, really. The trite phrase is "Know thyself," and if you do know yourself, you should expect any incisive observer to use the word "sycophant" in reference to your attitude towards Chairman Sean.

NoVA Scout said...

"t'was an ill-favored thing, but mine own." At least it was worth a couple of beers. Thank God for WiFi in bars.

The post was about Rob, not Sean. But since you mentioned it, I do consider Connaughton to be a tremendous asset for the Republican Party, both statewide, and, in his present position, nationally.