Sunday, January 28, 2007

Prince William Media Gone Brokeback?

Does the Potomac News' continuing lurch to the Left mean that it is actively ignoring issues relevant to the voters?

One cannot witness the Occoquan campaign between Mike May and Jeff Dion and conclude otherwise.

The Pot. News has utterly ignored Dion's affiliation with the far Left, as a member of Perversion Prin... er, "Equality Prince William." The funny thing is, even Dion has told the truth about his affiliation with that organization. Well, he lists it on his bio, so that one can know his affiliation if one is familiar with that organization and its agenda for mainstreaming perversion. Yet only a single Pot. News campaign story on Dion --- one from 2 December --- has mentioned that affiliation. And even that Keith Walker story ignores the fact that it is a homosexual advocacy organization.

Never mind that the Pot. New has ignored serious questions raised about Dion's quibbling/misrepresentation of his custody status. Never mind his apparent and inevitable lies to the Boy Scouts of America in obtaining a position as a Cub Scout Pack leader.

What about the impact of Dion's far Left affiliation upon what would be his execution of his public duties? Will Dion's self-serving affection for the radical homosexual agenda mean that he will attack organizations which resist it?

This isn't about the Pot. News outing a homosexual who wants to keep his private sexual conduct private, for Dion is well and fully "out." This is about the local media covering for --- rather than simply "covering" --- Dion's radical activities, and failing to ask relevant question which must arise as a consequence of his radicalism and affiliations.

It is abundantly clear that the sub silentio radical agenda of the Pot. News and its publisher/editors and/or staff has failed the voters of the Occoquan District. One only hopes that they know just how radical Dion is --- efforts to disguise that fact to the contrary notwithstanding --- before they vote on Tuesday.

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