Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bloggers Already In The Bag For Hitlary

Fox News made an error, reporting that Barack Obama was educated in a madrassa. Turns out he wasn't. Turns out the source for this erroneous story was people connected to Hitlary Clinton.

Nevertheless, the far Left blogosphere and others are in full attack mode against Fox, to avoid attributing responsibility to Hitlary and her campaign. The Clinton Sleaze Machine rides again! Now with bloggers willing to sell their souls to defend Her Thighness.

I wonder how many of those who will now savage Fox News Channel were either silent about or supportive of Dan Rather's hit job on George Bush less than two months before the 2004 presidential election?

Incidentally, I haven't been able to confirm that Waldo was among those supportive of Rather. However, neither have I been able to find any comments attacking him for his reliance upon forged documents, either.

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