Friday, January 26, 2007

Snakes on a Campaign

Well, the Clinton spin machine is already in overdrive, trying to deny the campaign's complicity in a story that Barack Obama was educated in a madrassa (a fundamentalist Islamic school). As I noted earlier, the far Left blogosphere and others are in full attack mode against Fox, to avoid attributing responsibility to Hitlary and her campaign.

Now, they're expanding the wild accusations. You see, it isn't just Fox News that's engaged in this story, it's the whole Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy! Others are whining about it as "Smear Politics."

'Cept, I heard the editor of Insight Magazine on the radio yesterday afternoon, and he's standing by the story. Not, mind you, that Obama was educated for a time in a madrassa (which, even if true, it not likely to be disqualifying, particularly in light of the fact that he is apparently a practicing Christian... well, OK, a member of a United Church of Christ congregation), but that the source for the story was Her Thighness's campaign.

Of course, we all know the Clintons are paragons of the Truth and Virtue. They’d never float false information against a political rival. They'd never engage in the "politics of personal destruction." They'd never even do a background check on rivals or potential rivals.

Yeah. On Bizarro World. Does more than 900 FBI files ring a bell? Terry Lenzner? Remember the denials about "that ridiculous blue dress"?

It is an appropriate irony indeed that the Great Prevaricator popularized the phrase "the politics of personal destruction," in light of the fact that he and his minions have been its most practiced and prolific practitioners. It's fascinating to note that, whatever the status of the Clinton marriage, they at least retain their commitment in that regard.

And it is a sad commentary on Obama that he so fears the Clinton Attack Machine that, rather than attack the source, he attacks those who dare to tell the truth about the Clinton's sleazy tactics.

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