Friday, December 08, 2006

Jeff Dion Exposed

Well, it seems that Jeff Dion's little secret has been exposed by Mr. Letieqc. And unlike his (or his website's) comments about a former GOP candidate for the House of Delegate, there it little doubt that this expose is not actionable.

It seems that the Democrat nominee for Occoquan Supervisor is a homosexual, even though he's divorced and has two children (who says it's not a choice?). Among many, it's not news. However, what may be more important here is the political scandal.

When did Prince William Democrats know of their candidate's flaws, and why were they keeping them a secret from the voters of the Occoquan District?

I have been told that not all Democrats --- including those few elected Democrats left in Prince William public office --- are entirely happy with the perfidy of Democrat party leaders in PWC.

UPDATE: Suddenly, Ben Tribbett wants restraint.

Can anyone say "Macaca"?


Anonymous said...

How exactly does his divorce show that homosexuality is a choice? Obviously marriage is a choice, as is divorce, but you cannot logically reason from these facts that being a homosexual is a choice.

You're a staff attorney, James, figured you had a little more logical sense than that. Perhaps that's just your "flaw".

James Young said...

Well, obviously, Anon, you're not logical enough to figure it out. So let me explain it. He was married, and fathered children. Obviously, he engaged in heterosexual sexual activity (unless you're saying something even more scandalous about him than the fact-in-chief, one which I would have reason to disbelieve, knowing his children). And obviously, he has chosen to engage in homosexual sexual activity.

You seem to be asserting that homosexuality is a state of being. It is not. Like all sexual activity, it is a choice. And it is wholly appropriate to hold people responsible for their unwise choices. That is, unless those on the far Left get their way.

Roci said...

Pardon me,
I get that he is gay.
I get that he is divorced.

Where is the scandal part?

James Young said...

The scandal is Dems keeping it a secret. And if John Jenkins, the dean of PWC Dems, didn't know, they were keeping it a secret.

Not Larry Sabato said...

Did Jeff call someone a racial slur in public? How does this relate to macaca?

Roci said...

I still don't get it. You are equating not talking about something with "keeping it a secret"? And this is a scandal how?

Did they have any obligation to divulge this information?

Was this information useful to the electorate?

Doesn't the opposition party have the role to disclose "unfavorable" information?

I think you are stretching this point too far. I fail to see any objective scandal here.

Kevin said...

So if a person doesn't come out and say they are heterosexual, does that make them scandal ridden too?

James Young said...

Well, Kevin, there's a rather large difference between what you describe and issuing a bio which implies that one is a heterosexual --- i.e., having two children --- when one is living a lifestyle which, by its very nature, precludes the possibility of having any more.

Kevin said...

Does he have two children? He does right? So what's wrong about saying he does? I didn't know having two children in today's society was limited to heterosexuals?

James Young said...

Gee, Kevin, I guess you're right. In "today's [If It Feels Good, Do It] society," "having two children" isn't "limited to heterosexuals." However, siring two children presupposes heterosexual behavior, meaning that Dion has made a choice. I know it's not popular among the far Left to recognize that it is, indeed, a choice, but it certainly is. Besides, perhaps you can explain why Dion was hiding his "community service" credential as a member of a homosexual advocacy group. Apparently, he wasn't bragging about that supposed credential. Unless, of course, it is not an electorally advantageous "credential."

Kevin said...

I didn't know you were able to probe the mind of today's modern gay. Congrats. Some people's sexual identity are not given to them. Some take awhile to find their's as apparently Mr. Dion did. I know it's hard for you to believe but some people guys don't come out of puberty as it seems you did yelling "I love women!"

Quite honestly, it's none of your business and he didn't make it yours. He wasn't bragging about it because he didn't want to. Do you go around bragging about your supposedly heterosexual background?

Mosquito said...

Why are you so obsessed with someone's sexuality?

The folks I encounter who are comfortable with their own sexuality aren't overly concerned if someone is hetero-"sexual" or homo-"sexual."

James Young said...

And Mosquito also invokes the time-honored homosexual slur that anyone who opposes the homosexual agenda must be sexually ambiguous, demonstrating once again that sympathy for the radical homosexual agenda reflects stunted intellectual and emotional development.

Anonymous said...

James, having a homosexual inclination is as much a "choice" as your heterosexual inclination. Doesn't mean you can't have sex with a man, but it does mean that you won't be fulfilled by that nor will you want to do it much. Gay men who deny their sexuality and follow societal norms to the extent they impregnate their wives are not "curing" themselves of their inclination. They're sublimating it. Sexual activity is a choice. Love is not.

Kirk Johnson said...

Mr. Young,

1) Heterosexuality is a choice as well?
2) Why is homosexuality "unwise"?

Are you capable of answering either one of these questions without snide and disingenuous pseudo-intellectual posturing?

James Young said...

Well, Kirk, since you'll probably dismiss whatever I say as "snide and disingenuous pseudo-intellectual posturing," I'm not sure what the point is, but here goes:

1) No, heterosexuality is not a choice, it's the natural state of Man.

2) If you don't know why homosexuality is "unwise," I would refer you to Michael Fumento's "The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS," which documents the many other nasty diseases spread among male homosexuals, aside from the title afflication.