Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Get Ready for the Apologias

With the recent revelation that Barack Obama, wunderkind of the Democrat Left, was a self-confessed "pothead" and "junkie," get ready for the scrupulous silence of those in the far Left blogosphere who regularly savage President Bush for his long-ago battles with the bottle.


Chris said...

The problem, of course, is the left hypocrisy. Obama should be lauded for overcoming his deamons and no doubt he will. I always wondered how the media would have treated Bush's past if he were a dem.

Charles said...

Did Obama serve in Vietnam?

Obama is 45, which means his "youth" was a little later than my "youth".

That puts him well into the post "drug-war" period, after the 60s and the free-drugs era.

Larry Lanberg said...

This is a nice blog you have here, Mr. Young. I linked to it via Barticles.

First, for Charles: The era with the most prolific drug use was actually the late-1970s. Unfortunately, I do not have that statistic 'n' source with me at this moment (perhaps you can save me the trouble and look this up? :))

The 1960s was simply the era in which drug use came to the fore as a big issue. Prior to the 1960s, pot smoking -- which was rampant in the inner-city as early as the 1920s -- was just not talked about, for whatever reason.

To J.W.: My personal opinion is that somebody's FORMER drug or booze consumption should be held in their favor, whether a Republican or a Democrat. As long as it is "former" of course.

It takes a heck of a lot of character to overcome such a thing. Much more character than 'the perfect angel' has. The latter type doesn't know the true meaning of hardship. I'll take a former junkie anyday of the week.