Friday, December 29, 2006

Is Jeff Dion Playing Word Games?

Much as been written in the blogosphere about Jeff Dion, and his poor choices. I have written some of it.

But something has been nagging at me, and I just don't know the answer. Charles Reichley has recently reminded us that Dion's bio and media reports state that "He lives in Lake Ridge with his children." One has to wonder if this isn't wordplay to downplay Dion's homosexuality.

I say this because I attend the same church as Dion and his ex-wife, and I was under the distinct impression that she has primary physical custody. In short, it may well be that Dion is playing word games to hide something, perhaps a number of things (perhaps his culpability in the divorce? I simply don't know), since it may well be that "He lives in Lake Ridge with his children" in the same way that I live in Montclair with Maureen Caddigan.

I expect this kind of sleazy wordplay from Democrats (remember Mark Warner's campaign promise that he wouldn't raise taxes?). But the media shouldn't let candidates --- any candidates --- get away with it. And among the primary purposes of Blogosphere is to call both candidates and the lazy "main stream" media to account for it.

UPDATE: Why no response? We know Jeff Dion and/or his campaign monitor the blogosphere, and have a presence (albeit pathetic; little more than self-servingly rehashed press releases) in it, and Dion has responded when he perceived it in his interest to do so. And while I have said elsewhere that candidates are hardly obliged to respond to every unsourced assertion appearing in the Blogosphere, this is clearly a different case. This is not an unsourced or scandalous allegation, but a serious question about a fact stated by Dion himself in his campaign biography, one which might be perceived to be part of an effort to misrepresent himself.

One may wish to conclude from his silence, therefore, that the answer to the question is not favorable to Dion. One may reasonably conclude that he is misrepresenting the custody status implied in his campaign biography.

Don't hold your breath waiting for the likes of the Potomac News to seek answers, or to reveal that Dion may be misrepresenting the facts.

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