Thursday, August 17, 2006

Remember, You Heard It Here First

Rush Limbaugh likes to note that it's difficult to parody the far Left, because every time you think you've illustrated the foolishness of Democrats with the absurd, they go and do what you thought was absurdly beyond the pale.

Remember, you read it here, on Tuesday, first, before 10:00 a.m.:
Perhaps the funniest and most contrived post of all comes from the paid hack at Raising Kaine, who isn't satisfied with George's apology. Of course, nothing short of a complete surrender and withdrawal from the race would satisfy Webb's nutroots contingent.

Don't bother, George. You've made your apology. Unless they're right, and you are a racist and meant it as a racial slur, don't bother to say another word. You'd be wasting your time with people upon whom further efforts would be wasted, and I'm willing to bet that most of the voters in Virginia --- people who are going to or even might vote for you --- recognize that.
Well, from today's Raising Kaine, sure 'nuff: a call for Allen to withdraw from the race.

Not really surprising, though. The only way R2D2 can win is if he doesn't have an opponent. And even then, he should be thankful that "None of the Above" is not an option.

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Anonymous said...

Were you born without a brain? They were clearly citing a news report that another organization asked Allen to resign.