Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Reason to Celebrate

Well, according to at least one wise soul, I am now Virginia's eleventh most influential blogger, having risen in Republitarian's estimation from sixteenth. Either that, or the field has simply been thinned. I note that young Vince has dropped on the list significantly. 'Course, that could just be a function of his current location as a college student in Texas.

Nevertheless, never one to let a kindness go unrecognized, I offer my thanks to Republitarian.

Now, if I could only break the top ten!


James E. Martin said...

I dropped 10 places "because i don’t know my constitution".

James Young said...

That comes as a huge surprise, James.

But here's a pop quiz: what is the primary purpose of the Second Amendment?

NoVA Scout said...

James (Young, not Martin): I think this rise in fortunes had a lot to do with your devilishly tricky riposte to the famous McDonnell sodomy question. By positing that one could link McDonnell's answer to the impertinent journalist's quaere as to whether McDonnell himself had ever violated Virginia's sodomy laws (McDonnell responded that he couldn't recall), to a direct question to Hillary Clinton ("Spit, or Swallow"), you not only made McDonnell seem positivley Solomonic in his clever choice of an answer, but you no doubt derailed Hillary's Senate chances this year and her presidential chances in 2008. Very few people saw the link between McDonnell's comment and Mrs. Clinton with the laser-like vision you brought to bear. The more pedestrian of us not only couldn't see the link, we had almost forgotten about what McDonnell had said (and certainly were hoping everyone else had too). Others (with the notable exception of Mr. Kenney) of us (I have to admit I fall into this category) just found it sort of vulgar and distasteful. So hats off to you. Republitarian clearly sees the elegance of that formulation. Knocking Hillary off her perch is something for which I'm very grateful.

Lincoln caught Douglas on the horns of the second Freeport Debate question. It was a masterstroke, but it took a couple of years for its impact to be fully gauged. Similarly there was a delayed impact of your "Spit, or Swallow?" masterpiece that is only now beginning to bear fruit.

James Young said...

"NoVA Scout," your jealousy is almost as apparent as your smug, self-satisfied arrogance.

Chad said...

At least your name is spelled correctly.

James Young said...

Yeah, Chad ... even if "observer" is not (and yes, it's intentional). I guess I understand this now. He's separated the elected types from us mere civilians.