Thursday, August 17, 2006

On Vacation

Well, the Youngs are off to Canada for a weeklong vacation. Light, if any, blogging, since I simply don't know about Internet access. Nevertheless, I will most assuredly check in to learn the results of the first County GOP Convention that I will have missed since about 1992.

Vote Republican! Vote Corey Stewart!


Kevin said...

Any chance of you actually losing your passport? J/K...have a safe trip.

James Young said...

You've gotta be kidding! It was enough trouble getting them!

When I get back, I intend to do a post on it, and be entirely effusive in my praise for Tom Davis' office.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Since "Black Velvet Bruce Lee" has updated his lawsuit info in your absence, I thought I would reproduce here the learned commentary which I am about to post on his site but which he will surely delete ASAP. Hopefully you will preserve these gems for posterity, James:

Your "update" is more interesting for what it doesn't say than for what it does, BVBL.

Unstated Point One: Your lawyer either didn't file a Demurrer or your Demurrer was denied. 95% of Virginia libel lawsuits end at the Demurrer stage. Chapman's suit against you has "legs" and you are in deep, deep legal trouble.

Unstated Point Two: Your statements about Steve Chapman were - as a matter of law - defamatory on their face. Because if they weren't defamatory on their face, your lawyer would have succeeded in having the Court dismiss the lawsuit by means of a Demurrer.

Unstated Point Three: Your claims that Chapman did not graduate from High School and that he had lost a contract from the government are false. You see - if those statements were really true, then no lawyer in the world would have filed suit on behalf of Mr. Chapman. In a trial, you're going to have to prove that indeed your statements were true. For example, as an evidentiary matter, it's exceedingly easy to prove that a Plaintiff graduated from High School. As Diplomas tend to be sealed documents, they are "self-authenticating," which means they only need submit the original document into evidence at trial to prove that Mr. Chapman graduated.

Now, addressing a couple of things you did say:

Stated Point One: "Chapman knows this case is a loser and apparently wants to drop the case." I call B.S. If he wants to settle,it would have been a simple matter to non-suit the case. He doesn't even need your consent to do this.

Stated Point Two: "The witness list will be a host of political luminaries who will make things uncomfortable for Chapman." B.S. again. This is only a statement of your hope that you're going to be able to call Chapman's political enemies to testify. No witness lists have been filed in any case which is so close to the original filing of a Motion for Judgment. If you try to put them on your witness list, the judge won't let them testify, as they will not have any testimony relevant to the questions of whether Mr. Chapman graduated from high school and whether he lost a government contract. You will not be allowed to engage in character assassination by a Virginia Circuit Court.

Stated Point Three: "I don't understand Chapman's interrogatories." Actually, since you obviously don't understand the first thing about the libel law of Virginia or of Virginia Civil Procedure, I think this is probably a true statement.

So far, for those keeping track at home, the score is apparently Chapman 13, BVBL 0.