Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Maybe Here's the Larger Issue

While there is certainly the issue of why James Webb would want to join a caucus that includes a former leader of the KKK, perhaps there's a better question:

Why is James Webb paying people to smear someone as a racist?


lontlont said...

I don't think I've ever seen such vacuity from the conservative side of blogging as I have on this one. Not only have you guys no plausible explanations at all for "macaca" or "welcome to america" or Allens (now up to five!) different contradictory excuses for it, but you're pulling out the laziest, most unthinking "Democrats did it to 50 years ago" laughs imaginable. Truly pathetic.

charles said...

The "welcome to america" has been thoroughly explained -- Allen was deriding James Webb for not understanding the real america, or the real virginia.

It was a shot at the opponent, Webb, for being in California and sending a campaign worker to film virginia for him.

It would have been clever if not for Allen not knowing the kid's name and making one up.

The name is the only issue here. Not "singling out a non-white", not "welcome to america", not "inside the beltway", not "he doesn't have a mohawk", not "Allen is a racist".

I don't even know what the guy's real name is, almost everything I've seen uses initials for his first two names, and only spells out his last name.