Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Far-Left Silliness

Well, the long knives are out with the race hustlers on the far Left of Virginia's blogosphere (here, here, and here), and even among some relatively sensible people. Of course, the Washington Post has followed the far-Left blogosphere on this one, with predictably contrived outrage. And while Jerry gives an appropriately contemptuous view of the whole contretemps, there are those who regularly give aid and comfort to the enemy doing so yet again. The paid political hack at Raising Kaine has even declared that Senator George Allen said something that "just happens to refer to a monkey and to be a recognized racial slur."

Recognized? By whom? Race hustlers? Tunisians? Once again, Lowell has been dippin' into the Kool-Aid just a wee bit too much if he really believes this. 'Course, who knows what he believes, beyond the paycheck?

Well, I'm convinced. George Allen, who won't even discriminate against people for their perverse sexual behavior --- he has been described by one homosexual publication as having the most fag-friendly [paraphrasing here] office on the Senate side --- is truly a goober and a racist, making judgments about people's skin color. Nevertheless, he's sophisticated enough to use a racial epithet that would only be recognized in obscure corners of the world.

And I also believe in: the Tooth Fairy; that Bill Clinton really didn't have sex with "that woman"; the Easter Bunny; that HillBilly have a real marriage; Santa Claus; that Governor Marky Mark's tax hike was necessary to avert a deficit; that John Gray is a Republican; and that someday I'll collect Social Security.

What I don't understand is how he was supposed to incite a crowd which probably didn't include people from those obscure corners of the world. Or whether the young, mohawk-headed man in question even understood it as a racial epithet.

Perhaps the funniest and most contrived post of all comes from the paid hack at Raising Kaine, who isn't satisfied with George's apology. Of course, nothing short of a complete surrender and withdrawal from the race would satisfy Webb's nutroots contingent.

Don't bother, George. You've made your apology. Unless they're right, and you are a racist and meant it as a racial slur, don't bother to say another word. You'd be wasting your time with people upon whom further efforts would be wasted, and I'm willing to bet that most of the voters in Virginia --- people who are going to or even might vote for you --- recognize that.

UPDATE: Sillier and sillier. Now Ben is claiming that "inside the Beltway" is a racist codeword. One commenter has it right: Ben has officially jumped the shark.


Charles r. said...

I especially liked how the Lowell blog entry included a Webb supporter using a picture of a Monkey throwing "ca-ca" around to attack an Allen defender.

So while Allen used a word that may or may not have meant monkey, and may or may not sound like a word for poop, the Webb supporters have no problem with actually using a monkey and crap to describe the Allen folks.

I note that Lowell did not call for his supporter to apologize.

I still say this interpretation came far to easy to the democrats, who apparently always think of monkeys and crap when they see people of color, and assume everybody else does the same.

The rest of us of course being offended by the very idea of smearing a young man of color like that.

So now, we have one verbal use of a word democrats say is offensive, that was unknown to the people who heard it, and apparently to the man it was "intended for". In other words, without a video tape, nobody would have been offended by the word, since nobody involved would have had any idea what the word is.

And then we have democrats all over the country, calling this young man an offensive racial slur, publishing videos calling the kid an offensive racial slur, getting reporters to write stories calling the kid an offensive racial slur --

In other words, the entire act of offending the country has been perpetrated by the democrats for political purposes.

Allen just wanted to point out that Webb had a camera guy following him, and that Allen "welcomed him" since it was the only way Webb would see what real america was like, since Webb was too busy kissing the feet of the hollywood elite looking for money.

Did Allen call "unwanted" attention to the guy -- yes, it is clear the guy wanted to do his spying in anonymity. But the idea that a political operative stalking a candidate would be "offended" by being pointed out at a meeting is silly.

James E. Martin said...

George Allen called an Indian kid a N***** and a monkey, how can you defend that???

James Young said...

Nobody's "defending" it, James. Matter of fact, I don't think George used either word. We just don't buy the far-Left spin, wailing and gnashing of teeth, etc.

tj said...

Yeah, its spin to you. Using a racial epithet is spin.

Well, Allen claimed in the WashingtonPost piece that he didn't know what macaca meant. This is astonishing given that he used the term twice. If he meant the "chip on the shoulder" definition, why couldn't he defend himself with that?

Here's why - Allen knew it was a racial slur and now has to cover his sorry ass.

Not Larry Sabato said...

No, I did not claim inside the beltway is a racist codeword. I said the way it was used in this mornings post meant something other than its normal meaning- because a sitting US Senator could hardly refer to a college intern as "an insider" as the term normally refers.

James Young said...

If my surmise was incorrect, Ben, then I apologize. But when you ask "is the comment not race-based," it suggests to me that you are "claiming that 'inside the Beltway' is a racist codeword."

BTW, for the record, both my office and my home are "outside the Beltway," though the former is only about three feet "outside the Beltway."

Not Larry Sabato said...

I know where you work James- I had lunch at Kilroy's yesterday. :) Your office is less than a mile from the district I was running in last year.

Inside the Beltway has a negative meaning, when you are talking Virginia only. Try driving east on Braddock Road from your office and finding a decent place to eat along Braddock inside the beltway. That's how I took it when he refered to the kid as "inside the beltway" i.e. poor and minority.


James Young said...

Oh, so you're stereotyping, Ben?

Driving east on Braddock takes me to the home of the (white) former GOP Chairman of the Eighth and Eleventh Congressional Districts, as well as the small private school attended by all three of my children. I don't know why you're characterizing it as "poor and minority," because that's not the way that I would demographically characterize it. Indeed, to do so never even occurred to me. I guess that --- like "macaque" --- you have to be looking to be offended to understand.

The bottom line is that you seem to be reading this in as negative and partisan a light was possible, and are flaming the fires to the extent that you can. I believe it's obviously a BS charge, and your actions are what I would usually consider to be beneath you.

Alicia said...

"Recognized? By whom? Race hustlers? Tunisians?"

Well Allen's mother is Tunisian and the racist remark did roll right off his tongue twice.

Sorry, but I don't find racism "silliness"

James Young said...

I don't find racism "silly," either, Alicia.

I find contrived accusations of racism in the absence of uncontrovertible facts to be ... par for the course for a losing Democrat candidate.

Anonymous said...

James young needs a burning cross or a tarbaby.

For the rest of us, the videotape is enough.

James E. Martin said...


James Young said...

You Lefties are pathetic. Your despicable surmises would certainly come as a surprise to my son's godfather.

Mason Conservative said...

James, my friend, keep up the fight against the liberal brown shirts here in the blogosphere. I'll stand next to you all day.

Ben said...


George Allen, by calling Sidharth a name, was refering to him as basically a "generic foreigner", and thus not fully American. Do you find that acceptable? Will you admit that Allen, who may not have racist tendencies, is still in grave error?

Or do you think that any person who sees people of different ethnicities as individuals and not "generic foreigners" as being "silly leftists"? I guess in your opinion, would Colin Powell be a rabid leftist because, rather than being referred to as a "Black Secretary of State", he prefered to think of himself as just "the Secretary of State"?

James Young said...

So you say, Ben. I don't accept your premise, so I don't have to "find that acceptable." I admit that this is a tactical error, one that someone as experienced as Allen doesn't usually make. It has allowed silly Leftists like you to exploit it.

Of course, those whom I view as "silly Leftists" are, in fact, Leftists who attempt to exploit race and paint Republicans as racist, when in fact, it is those on the far Left who most frequently treat people as "generic foreigners" or generic minorities, and work very hard --- this incident is a case in point --- to keep minorities on the Liberal plantation. Unlike those on the far Left, I judge people by their behavior --- say, a silly haircut --- and their accomplishments, and don't make assumptions based upon the color of their skin.

Not Larry Sabato said...

FYI, I am not "Ben".

Ben said...

I don't accept your premise

So you, in your heart, know that Allen has issues dealing with people from other races, but you've got too much pride to admit it.

It has allowed silly Leftists like you to exploit it.

Wow. How mature. Instead of taking responsibility, you try to shift the blame on someone else. Classy.

it is those on the far Left who most frequently treat people as "generic foreigners" or generic minorities,


this incident is a case in point --- to keep minorities on the Liberal plantation.

So you think minorities are too stupid to make political decisions for themselves?

Unlike those on the far Left, I judge people by their behavior --- say, a silly haircut --- and their accomplishments, and don't make assumptions based upon the color of their skin.

That's a good thing. In that case, you are quite different from Allen, who seems to think that dark skin people can't be natives to American or Virginia, and condescendingly "welcomes" them.

James Young said...

Ben, I don't know any such thing. Guess I'm not the mind-reader that you are, Ben. My refusal to accept your premise is no more "hav[ing] too much pride to admit it" than is your refusal to accept my premise that "those on the far Left ... most frequently treat people as 'generic foreigners' or generic minorities."

As for the "Liberal plantation," of course I don't presume that individuals are too stupid to make political decisions for themselves." That is a Liberal disease of which I am happily free. Then again, those who do, and leave the Liberal plantation, are savaged as race traitors, and worse, by those on the far Left.

As for your last, Ben, you are mischaracterizing the intent of Allen's reference, which was quite clearly to note the difference between an "inside the Beltway" mentality and the mentality of those in the rest of America. It's a quite common distinction, one that the far Left is trying to twist into some evil, hidden racist code-words.

And NLS/Ben, I knew that, though I nearly made that mistake before I hit the "Login and Publish" button. Fortunately, the unfailingly good-natured tone and content of our interactions gave me appropriate pause. Thank you for making that clear to the casual reader, though. An important distinction.

Given that I generally address you by your given name, rather than your nom de guerre ... er, plume, should I therefore refer to the other Ben as Not Not Larry Sabato. Wait a minute! Does that make him Larry Sabato?!?!

This is all so confusing!