Thursday, August 10, 2006

Another Function of Cowardice? Or Just Jealousy?

Well, the children over at Too Conservative have decided to initiate a flame war. Nothing surprising here; they belittle me, in their standard attack upon anyone who makes reasonable surmises about the fact that all save Vince (to whom this comment does not apply) cower in anonymity/pseudonymity, and therefore, hide from public view the ability to judge their prejudices accordingly.

It's absolutely incredible to me that some claim to be Republicans and/or Conservatives, and that they should be listened to, even though none has the courage to attach their names and reputations to their sage advice, and frequently attack those who actually lead and either have or continue to put it on the line for their beliefs.

It's a considerable step down from those who publicly pledged their "lives, ... fortunes, ... and sacred Honor" to found this nation, and the many who actually gave them.

Or maybe it's just the fact that at least one person considers them less influential than yours truly.

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Anonymous said...

You want ammunition, political fodder and personal information fulcrums to silence them, and they sternly have provided you with nothing to work with. Close enough???????


signed (convienantly enough)