Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pandak In For the Dems?

Craig Vitter is reporting that Sharon Pandak will file for the Democrat nomination for the Special Election to be held to replace PWC BOCS Chairman Sean Connaughton, when he takes his post in the Bush Administration. Democrats have a later filing deadline for their Saturday convention, apparently, 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, 16 August.

This is a notation, not a comment. I make it a policy to not comment upon the merits/demerits of Democrat nominating processes. I figure they're entitled to pick their own maniacs, and we're entitled to pick ours. That rule, of course, does not apply to comparing the Democrat nominee to the GOP nominee.

'Course, a Democrat contest might just suppress John Gray's turnout at the PWC GOP Convention.

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NoVA Scout said...

Man, with a $1,500 filing fee, I can't imagine anyone filing for the Dems. I thought maybe they were trying to discourage anyone from running.

Sharon Pandak was a solid County Attorney. She knows how the County works and would be a capable official. I'm counting on the Dems not wanting someone with those qualities in the race. They will run Friedman and ensure that there is little difference, at least on rhetoric about development, between their guy and our guy. They don't like pragmatic, capable people any better than some of us do.