Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Great Reads

Searching around the blogosphere, I came across a series of movie reviews.

They are by my former --- nearly said "old" --- French professor, Alan Ford Farrell, now a Brigadier and Professor of Modern Languages at VMI. He is a true Renaissance man --- reputed to have learned ancient Greek so he could read Homer in the original --- who is "fierce" in virtually every endeavor. He is legendary among those who had the pleasure of studying with him. In French 201, we read Le Pont de la Riviere Kwai, or, as he put it, Moby Dick Goes to Thailand. Gave one of the most memorable lectures I ever heard, on teaching. "I teach," said Farrell. "But that is a verb which requires an object. I teach men." A nationally syndicated columnist gave a lecture at the same time on campus. It was Farrell's which was filled to overflowing.

I'll read virtually anything he writes, and enthusiastically commend it to your attention, as well.

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