Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Arrest in JonBenet Murder Case

Well, it seems that an arrest has finally been made in the nearly ten-year-old murder of six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey.

Is anyone else not surprised that the suspect was arrested in Thailand? Does anyone else suspect that he was there on one of those perverse "sex-with-minors tours" that is fodder for Law and Order: Special Victims Unit?

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Anonymous said...

This bastard is a real sicko. He said this morning on TV that her death was an accident. Last night they said that they knew the 8 inch gash in her skull was done first and she was alive while he garroted her to death. How in the hell is that an accident. This bastard has caused the Ramsey family to suffer irrevocable pain over the years and keep a dark cloud of suspicion over them the entire time. It may have even hastened the death of her mother viv a vis her recent death from cancer. And it probably helped cause hr dad to lose in his bid for elected office last year too. They need to put this bastard away where the sun dont shine and make sure any other inmates cant get at him and kill him which I'm sure would happen. he needs to languish in the dark corner of a cold cell like a caged animal for the rest of his miserable life.