Sunday, August 06, 2006

F.T. Rea's Peurile Behavior

Well, it seems that F.T. has now decided that even agreement from a Conservative is something he can't tolerate.

It seems that F.T. has a post discussing the injustice of Art Monk's exclusion from the Hall of Fame.

I agree with his discussion. This is an incredible injustice. So, in the spirit of agreeing where I can, I posted something to the effect of "Finally! A post with which I cannot disagree."

And given F.T.'s childish challenge to the rather simple bio posted here, I said something to the effect of "And no, Monk was NOT one of the Redskins that I represented."

Rather than merely taking it in the charitable tone in which it was intended, F.T. simply deleted it. Cast it down the memory hole. There isn't even a "Post deleted by blog administrator."

To use Waldo's phrase, what a maroon.


Waldo Jaquith said...

Actually, the credit for "maroon" goes to Bugs Bunny.

James Young said...

Waldo, I'm just a little bit further removed from Bugs than are you, my youngs sons to the contrary notwithstanding. Unfortuately, they are more fond of Pokemon, Shoa-Lin Showdown, Dexter's Laboratory, and other assorted Cartoon Network offerings.

Kevin said...

I think he said that he doesn't want you to post anymore on his site. I don't think it matters what the content is or was in this case.

James Young said...

You're right, Kevin. Guess I missed that post. God forbid someone should be permitted to present the facts in response to F.T.'s ideological fantasies. Or demonstrate the hypocrisy of his use of the same tactics he purports to condemn when used by others.