Saturday, August 05, 2006

Idiocy from the Webb Campaign

Or perhaps I should say, more idiocy.

Attacking Senator George Allen for refusing to vote for a minimum wage increase, the Webb campaign manages to invoke the standard Democrat tactic of class warfare, while at the same time demonstrating its utter ignorance on matters economic:
I am sure the 153,000 hardworking Virginians who haven’t received a raise since 1997 would have appreciated it. But obviously, Allen’s too busy playing political games,” said Webb spokesperson Kristian Denny Todd.
Kristian, here's a little economic reality for you: Anybody who is still being paid minimum wage after nine years on the job, or who is still working at the same minimum wage job after nine years, doesn't deserve a raise.

Of course, with childish antics like this (Webb's own site is still trying to make hay of the fact that Senator Allen's middle name is "Felix"), perhaps Todd's interest in a minimum wage increase is understandable. If he's paying them what they're worth, one can't imagine that Webb is paying them much more than minimum wage.


BDM said...

I think at this point the "Webbers" are trying to take some pot shots at Allen and get the National party to look at them again. If the next poll numbers show Webb in trouble, they are doomed.

James Young said...

Well, BDM, with class warfare and economics-for-dummies, they certainly are on the right track

William Jackson said...

I don't understand the minimum wage argument, and why they think it's a hot button issue. Just look at the numbers. 156,000 Virginians on minimum wage, out of nearly 8,000,000 Virginians total. That's not even 2% of the Commonwealth and being that there are roughly, it could only be 4% of the electorate. The percentage goes down even further when you factor in the under 18 first job crowd. Who do they think they're reaching with this? Honestly, the people who would benefit from the raise probably aren't old enough to vote for Webb.