Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Another example of why Ronald Reagan will be the first and last Hollywood-type ever to ascend to the Presidency.

Sharon Stone really needs to stick to flashing for the camera.


Anonymous said...

I agree...she looked a little Stoned actually.

Neal said...

I can safely say you're right. Sharon Stone is good in movies, but I could have done without knowing her opinions on underage sex.
Even though most Hollywood folks speak in favor of my party, it's my belief that if they can't add something substantive to the discussion, it's not worth it to announce positions.
Like Ron White said, "Next time you have a thought, let it go..."

Charles said...

Check out this article for another type of "blow job" that a young girl can use if a guy insists on sex. You'll like it much better than Sharon Stone's idea:

Girl, 14, hammers abductor and flees; victim accosted in central Toledo