Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Cal Thomas on Dead Appeasement Activist

Cal Thomas had a great column today on dead appeasement activist Tom Fox, a native Virginian.

Thomas gets it exactly right about these folks, while conceding (which I won't) their own appellation as "peace activists":
Strange thing about these peace movements: they rarely mobilize to oppose the killing, torture and imprisonment practiced by dictators. It is only when their own country attempts to end the oppression that the activists become active against America, not the initiators of evil. Peace, like happiness, is a byproduct, not a goal that can be unilaterally attained. Peace happens when evil is vanquished.
I couldn't help being reminded of a George F. Will column from the Eighties, when some wag --- probably the WaPo's Coleman McCarthy --- gave a speech at a military academy (I think it was the Air Force Academy) advocating federal creation and funding of a "peace academy." Will rightly noted that the United States already had three "peace academies." One was on the banks of the Hudson, another on the shores of the Chesapeake, and the third was where McCarthy spoke.

Thomas got it exactly right:
Peace "activism" may make its practitioners feel good, or validate their belief they are doing the will of God. But evil cannot be accommodated. Evil must be defeated if peace on Earth is to exist. That Fox and his colleagues could not, or would not see this, is most tragic of all.
UPDATE: Correction made. Thanks to Not Ben.


Not Ben said...

It's Tom Fox, not Vince. Vince Fox is the President of Mexico.

Willis said...
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Anonymous said...

I would respect Peace Activist more if they ever wore a uniform and at one time went to war. My dad became a peace activist after winning the Silver Star. He saw war first hand and then dedicated his life towards peace. Many peace activist have rarely left the comfort of a college campus. This is the same reason why I could not vote for Bush. Bush, Rumsfield, Cheney...all chicken hawks..Go McCain! Go Kerry!!! Go Gore!!! Mr. Young...where did you serve your country?

Ray Hyde said...

Hey, don't forget the oldest one, on the shores of the Thames River.

Go Hopley Yeaton!

James Young said...

I would respect a comment more if a person had signed his or her name to it.

The "chicken hawk" slander is wonderful far Left rhetoric. And since I've earned the respect of more than a few who served --- a three-star and a retired Special Forces sergeant contributed to my runs for School Board --- I hardly have to justify my pro-defense positions to a "chickensh**" who cowers in anonymity.

NoVA Scout said...

Anon 2136 (15 March). Rumsfeld served honorably. He was a Navy pilot. No easy matter even in peacetime. Bush served. Whatever you think of the quality of his service, flying Century-series interceptors is not the same as taking student deferments. Save your ire for the Cheney/Gingrich/Wolfowitz crowd.