Sunday, March 26, 2006

This is So Wrong

Oop, she did it again!

Or more accurately, had it done to her.

This is just vile.

Courtesy of the Drudge Report.


Melissa said...

Yes, there was something up about this on the Superficial, here

Yeech. Some people need to get over themselves. Or just disappear.

That's just...ugly and wrong and foul.

BVBL said...

BVBL thinks that BS is a fine example of a Southern woman...she is from LA after all. Before Jim Young jumps on this,,, BVBL is indeed kidding. I think that BS needs to not only fire her PR folks, she should have them killed, and disposed of in some LA swamp. Again, before Jim Young jumps on this, trying to portray BVBL as some sort of maniac, I am kidding. BVBL is amazed that such a learned man as Jim Young would devote any space on his blog to BS. Maybe BS should hire James Young as her consultant, and he could dress her in Morman Actionware.

James Young said...

I don't know if your a "maniac," BVBL. Your posts and your pseudonymity merely indicate, respectively, that you are an idiot and a coward.