Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Possible First

You know, with Willis' behavior here and elsewhere, I'm fairly certain that he'll go down in history as an historic figure:

The first stupid SOB ever thrown off of the Internet.


Willis said...
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CR UVa said...

One of Willis's links is to the Democratic Underground. Why am I not surprised?

Charlie said...

you are totally egging him on

Willis said...
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Anonymous said...

He should try back at TooConservative. Although it looks like that site even through off it's other contributers.


CR UVa said...

No offense Mark, but it does not appear to take much to egg Willis on.

His comments appear to mirror many that I have heard of on Democratic Underground. They generally run as conspiracy theories driven by nothing more than pure anger towards anything even slightly conservative. There certainly are exceptions, but the few reasonable voices on the DU usually get torn down by some very liberal people.

It is obvious that James feels that Willis has added nothing to the Virginia blogosphere except accusations and ire, and I agree with him. It is obvious that Willis is very aware of the events going on around us (even if his perspective appears a little skewed); if he tried to debate, rather than demean, I suspect he would at least enhance the discussion.