Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Pot. News Tribute to Harry Parrish

There's a nice piece in today's Potomac News on the late Harry Parrish.

While I certainly had my disagreements with Harry over his surrender to Governor Marky Mark's unnecessary tax increase, I will always fondly remember what was probably our most intimate interaction, one aside from the typical gladhanding at GOP meetings and conventions.

I had been persuaded to run for the School Board seat for Dumfries in 1995, so naturally, I was making the rounds with elected Republicans, seeking advice and financial support. I went over to MIFCO's (Manassas Ice and Fuel Company) office in Manassas, where I met with Harry, who owned the company.

It was like a flashback to my youth. Harry was there, of course, but so was Mattie, Harry's wife, helping out. And with that, and the smell of fuel oil (it is said that smell is perhaps the strongest memory trigger), I couldn't help but remember my paternal grandfather, Thomas Young, who was also an oil distributor in Logansport, Indiana. My grandmother, Irene, also used to help out in the office.

I can't remember all that we discussed, though I know that Harry was kind enough to write me a check for my campaign. But I will always have fond memories of the man that go beyond that conversation and his generosity.

UPDATE: Sadly, some of those who claim to have been Harry's friends and supporters demonstrate their class in many ways.

UPDATE 2: Vince at TC has the details on Harry's funeral arrangements.

UPDATE 3: I'm tempted to disable the links in the first UPDATE. The name-calling anonymous/pseudonymous cowards are in full attack mode against anyone who might run for Harry's seat, and I'm loathe to give them exposure here. It's truly pathetic that they are already picking over his bones. They even feel the need to attack me, even though I've discussed the issue of a successor not at all, and have endorsed no one (haven't even been asked to). However, cockroaches scurry when light is shone upon them. One can only hope for a like result.


Not Jack Herrity said...

Jim, the last line of your post is perhaps the most despicable thing you've ever said. You demonstrate your own lack of class by using this pulpit to continue your political disagreements with others in a post that is supposed to eulogize a great man.

Moreover, your use of the line "Harry's friends" inappropriately implies Harry's complicity in the very feuds he despised. Frankly, I thought you were above that. We're all Harry's friends, so take a short break from inciting fights.


Anonymous said...

How dare that blog not recognize that you broke the story before NLS?

James Young said...

I'M DESPICABLE!?!?!?! Gee, NJH, I wonder whether you said that over at that site?

Oops! Guess not. That your indignation is saved for me demonstrates your biases.

Not Ben said...

NJH may think you're despicable, but I think you're a charming, good-looking, and brilliant man.

BVBL said...


You are indeed toe-fungus. You link to a post on my blog is intended to use Harry's passing as a political trick, but notice the date. I posted that the evening before he passed, when I confirmed that he was ill, and in the hospital. Where did I find out the rest of the info? A Chapmanite contacted me and askied if I had heard the "good news". I asked, "what good news?" The Chapmanite replied, and I quote "Harry's is very ill, and might have to resign..if he recovers. Steve Chapman will get another shot at becoming our delegate. Will you support him?"

These are YOUR people James. You are a Ghoul, and you just picked a fight with the wrong Republican.

I see you moderate posts. Be brave enough to let this one go through. Eat a big breakfast and pack a lunch. It's on.

James Young said...

BVBL, that's truly bold talk for someone who cowers in anonymity. You refuse to identify the individual who allegedly said those things (which I seriously doubt) and you fail to identify yourself (though your IP address appears to be 69.243.31.# (Comcast Cable), in case anyone more computer literate than I can identify you) out of the abject fear of being called to account for your slanders. I'm sure if it were true, you'd have no hesitation in identifying the individual who said it, but of course, that would expose you to liability for your slander. I have no choice to conclude that it's a lie, and a childish and pathetic one.

In short, you don't describe my people. You don't even describe anyone I know. You (like the posters on your site) merely describe your angry, childish ("toe-fungus"?!?) caricature of anyone who dares to challenge you. It's pathetic, really. And I'm more than happy to leave your post up. It simply demonstrates that it's amazing that Harry survived (and just barely that, with only 55% of the vote) the help of his "friends."

You describe yourself as a "supporter" of Harry. It's really too bad that you diminish the man's memory by your association with him.

BVBL said...


You are such a miserable and angry person, but I can see why. Looking at the comments on this thread, it appears that no one likes you. I guess you subscribe to the maxim that the only thing worse than people saying bad things about you, is people not talking about you at all.

The reason why I didn't reveal the identity of the Chapmanite who contacted me, is that I do indeed wish to remain anonymous. As far as publishing my IP in hopes of trying to identify me, or some lame attempt to get my system hacked, think again.

Bring it James. I am ready for you.

James Young said...

Not Ben, what is the line from the remake of "The Fly"?

"Be afraid; be very afraid."

Not Ben said...

Actually, I'm not a fan of fearmongering. I've decided the "overdone kindness" route is the way to go.

Today I will focus on the greatness of the name "James"

James Bond was a great movie character.
James Madison was a great Virginian.
James Worthy was a great basketball player.

Also, "Young" indicates youth, and who among us doesn't wish they were a little younger?

See? Now can't you see why I've decided to become a James Young fan?

Charles said...

Hey, I like James.

This reminds me of a section from the play "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown". Charlie is singing a song about how miserable it is to be him, and starts through a list of all the people who don't like him. Lucy helps him by feeding him additional names which Charlie sings out -- but then she says "or Snoopy".

Charlie Brown stops, and says "wait a minute now, Snoopy Likes me!"

To which Lucy responds:
"He only pretends to like you, because you feed him. That doesn't count".

The point, if there is one, is that if Jim went away, some bloggers would starve as their whole reason for existance seems to revolve around what Jim says or does.

It seems that those who depend on Jim for their very existance aught to at least PRETEND to like him.


James Young said...

Charles, I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or want to slug you over this post. Maybe all three. I think I have been damned with faint praise.

However, on a certain level, you are correct. There is clearly a pathetic contingent out there whose daily highlight is their "Two-Minute Hate" of yours truly.