Friday, March 31, 2006

Great Man Bites Dog Story

Kilo has a great post over at his website on the hypocrisy of union officials. Apparently, they had to cross a Carpenters' union picket line at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego to hold one of their meetings.

Even more entertaining is that the meeting was scheduled here at all. In a case in which I attempted to intervene on behalf of a worker in 2004/05, hotel management was found guilty of unfair labor practices (be forewarned; this is a .pdf file).

Now, I'm not sure, but shouldn't "union solidarity" preclude union officials from meeting at hotel where management has been found to have violated union rights?

Or does union boss comfort trump everything?


Anonymous said...

Union bosses aren't perfect but I would trust them over Corporate CEO's anyday of the week. The lesser of two evils. Tony A.

James Young said...

And? Where, oh where, does this contain any discussion of "Corporate CEOs"?

Oh, wait a minute. I forgot. That's the talking-point dodge used by union-boss apologists to deflect attention from their misdeeds.

And there's a large difference between corporate CEOs and union bosses. The former do their thing with money they've earned, while the latter does their thing with money that they've extracted, in part, from individuals who don't want to pay it.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, while CEO's are not mentioned in your piece, anytime that union bosses are mentioned it's important to bring up CEO's like Enron and companies like WalMart. Do you know why? Without Union leaders...we are left to deal with the unchecked power of greedy CEO's. I agree with you that Unions should not be forced upon workers. I also think that an employee who doesn't support the union is silly, stupid, ignorant or has low morals. There is power in unity.
The stuff above was our regular back and forth. This is a serious question that I am curious about. In the Union today is the Mafia Influence still prevalent?

James E. Martin said...

BTW: have you seen yet:)