Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Harry Parrish Has Died

Just received this sad news via e-mail:


RICHMOND (AP) - Harry J. Parrish, who headed the state's most powerful tax-writing panel in the General Assembly, died today. He was 84.

Parrish had been in intensive care at Prince William Hospital for about three weeks, suffering from pneumonia. His death was announced by Sen. John Chichester during a meeting of the Senate Finance Committee on Capitol Square.

Parrish, the House of Delegates' oldest member, was in his 13th term from Manassas.

Visit www.PotomacNews.com and www.ManassasJM.com for more information.

RIP, Harry. Condolences to Mattie, Hal, and the rest of his family.


BVBL said...

You know what is sad James Young? BVBL was about to call a truce with you. We are both conservatives, who differ slighetyly on how to achieve our end-state.

However, You, Jim Young, decided to take the low road. Conservative or not. I am going to take you out like a recycle bin

James Young said...

A truce? With a coward who hides his identity!?!? A truce is an agreement, and an agreement with a liar is no agreement at all.

Take your best shot, cupcake. But everyone who reads your comments will do so with the knowledge that you are a coward who fears the consequences of revealing his identity.

BVBL said...

Yes. I hide my identity. I enjoy how it just pisses you off. Everyone who reads your comments knows what an angry crazy man you are.

James Young said...

You are truly pathetic, BVBL/IP Address 69.243.31.#. It doesn't "piss[] me off." It merely allows me to make appropriate judgments regarding your character, or lack thereof.

What I really suspect is that you're Willis in drag.