Sunday, March 26, 2006

Agenda-Driven "Journalism"

Thanks to Jim Riley over at Virginia VirtuCon, I learned of this story about Justice Scalia's remarks, reported by Reuters.

Reuters, which won't even call terrorists "terrorists," is now attempting to influence the American judicial system. This strikes me as a despicable attempt to force Justice Scalia's recusal from the detainee case. Hopefully, Justice Scalia will resist the inevitable efforts of the chattering classes to force his recusal.

UPDATE: More on the Scalia speech in the WaPo article here. And driving in today, the drumbeat for recusal has begun on C-SPAN.

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Charles said...

By their standard, he'd have to recuse himself from a lot of cases, since he long ago said he'd follow the constitution, which clearly biases him against the tide of judicial decisions based on how good it makes the judges feel to "do what is right for america".