Monday, March 13, 2006

George Allen WILL BE President!

George Allen has to be fairly confident over his prospective run for President in 2008.

It isn't that the media loves him. It isn't his ability to speak to the Republican base, or his rock-ribbed Conservative credentials. Or even that media insiders have declared him the most likely GOP nominee.

Nope. It's that Dems are starting to say that he's stupid, or an "empty suit."

If there's a more accurate predictor of Republican electoral success than that, I don't know it.


Virginia Centrist said...

You do realize that if the following people were nominated, we wouldn't call them dumb:

1. Bill Frist
2. George Pataki
3. John McCain
4. Sam Brownback
5. Tom Tancredo
6. Rudy Giuliani
7. Jeb Bush
8. Condi Rice
9. Mike Huckabee
10. Chuck Hagel

That about covers the entire field.

We wouldn't call any of those people dumb. No chance. Because they're not dumb.

But Allen? He's anti-intellectual, at best...

James Young said...

And how many of those people are considered "Conservatives"? Perhaps half. And you know as well as I that the typical Dem playbook is to equate "Conservative" with "stupid." Plus, you wouldn't call "dumb" many of those that your fellow Dems have not compunction about calling "dumb."

BTW, anti-intellectualoid is not anti-intellectual.

Mitch Cumstein said...

Allen's biggest enemy/obstacle will be George W. Bush. Of all of the potential candidates, he is the one that will draw the most comparisons and will represent the status quo. Unless the trend changes (only 37% of Americans think we're on the right track), that's a liability and not an asset.

He can certainly win the nomination, but I think he'd have serious problems in a nationwide general election. Of course, that depends entirely on who he's up against. Hillary will be a tough candidate for many voters swallow (zing), and the Dems may be just dumb enough to nominate her. Against a more moderate candidate though, Allen will struggle in a big way.

Anonymous said...

I (Tony A.) concur with Mitch's overall remarks. Allen looked extremely sharp this weekend on Russert's show.

too conservative said...

Jim Young-
You've gone bonkers..

that ENTIRE list is hard right.

James Young said...

TC, you wouldn't recognize "hard right" if it kicked you in the teeth. Pataki?!?!? Guiliani?!?!? At least three on this list are pro-abortion/anti-Constitution. A number have tried to make their bones by pandering to the so-called "main-stream media."

Moreover, anyone who labels anyone on this list "hard right" needs to get a handle other than "Too Conservative."

Willis said...
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Vile Blasphemer said...

Sadly, Allen will never be able to escape the "racist" moniker for past comments. He just doesn't have broad enough appeal. Brownback has the same problem as his appeal is so far into neocon Christianity that he'll never appeal to any but the most radical.

McCain really appears to be the strongest, simply for his "across the aisle" moderate appeal (and he's a badarse).