Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Governor Timmy Launches His Campaign for Tax Increases

With little or no fanfare (it's certainly nothing to brag about), our own Governor Timmy (hat tip to Jim Riley at TC ... er, Virginia Virtucon, ... er, whatever, for the image) is launching his crusade for higher taxes. Got this late yesterday from Delegate Scott Lingamfelter, and it is reprinted with permission.

Dear Friends,

Some of my colleagues in the House of Delegates have received a report concerning automated phone calls from Moving Virginia Forward, a liberal high-tax group. Reportedly, the calls encourage the recipient to support the Governor's effort to fund transportation (though not mentioning taxes), and criticizes the House approach, which they claim will take money away from priorities like "early childhood education." This is absolutely false in every regard. The calls conclude by asking the recipient to contact their legislator, giving them the Delegate's number.

If you learn of anyone receiving one of these calls - or any similar call, please e-mail me--or your delegate if I do not represent you--with the details at your earliest convenience.


L. Scott Lingamfelter

Colonel, US Army (Retired)

Delegate 31st District (Prince William - Fauquier)

Virginia House of Delegates

Too bad Governor Timmy wasn't honest with the voters last year. Had he announced his plan for another massive tax increase, it is doubtful that we would be talking about Governor Timmy.


Riley, Not O'Reilly said...

Glad you liked my Gov. Timmy rendering enough to use it.

FYI, check out and see what is going on over there.

James Young said...

I am happy to give credit where credit is due, though I suppose I should have been more specific. I hope you welcome the additional exposure. 'Fact is, I have no artistic talent, so I have a special appreciation for those who do. Or is Vince claiming credit for that, too?